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Wedding coordinator takes stress out of stressful day

Published 12:00am Thursday, August 11, 2005

&uot;Eleven years ago my daughter and son-in-law were married at Bethlehem,&uot; Perrier recalled. &uot;I enjoyed doing [the planning and preparation] and learned a lot. I thought maybe I could do this to help others.&uot; That idea spawned the beginning of what is now a responsibility gladly shared by five people. Perrier said that most years each volunteer will serve as consultant for two or three weddings, mostly between June and September. &uot;[Two or three weddings] is what makes it doable and fun,&uot; said Perrier. &uot;Much more than that and it would be a job.&uot; Perrier has a wealth of information about weddings and doesn’t restrict her expertise to usher etiquette and seating assignments. She said that she will give tips on anything from wedding invitations to ceremony proceedings. She even steps in for those trying to enjoy the day hassle free. &uot;I take pressure off of the brides mother more than anyone,&uot; she shared. &uot;I run interference.&uot; Perrier is technically Bethlehem’s representative, but said that she is not just there to make sure the church is kept in order. She meets months in advance of a wedding with a bride-to-be and her family to make sure they have contacted a florist, musician and a wedding cake maker. She is that little voice that reminds them to have a card basket and someone to man the guest book. On wedding day though, Perrier said that she normally ends up hanging with the ushers. &uot;They have the hardest job,&uot; she said. &uot;They have to know who walks in when, what the seating arrangements are, and when things start.&uot; Eleven years and dozens of weddings later, does she wish there were some things that she had done different at her daughters wedding? &uot;I don’t think so,&uot; she responded after a pause. &uot;I was real happy with her wedding.&uot; And her own? &uot;That’s too long ago to remember,&uot; she said with a smile.

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