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Fergus Falls group may be hottest unsigned band

Published 6:00am Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fergus Falls’ own the METASONICS is competing in the Gretsch Company’s Next Gretsch Greats Unsigned Artist competition, an online battle-of-the-unsigned-bands celebrating the company’s 125th anniversary.

The Gretsch Company produces drums and guitars and has worldwide ties with music giants like Kaman and Fender, manufacturing products like Bigsby® Vibratos and Sho-Bud® Pedal Steel Guitars. The company’s Next Gretsch Greats contest is open to unsigned and independent label recording acts residing in the United States, U.K., Canada, Spain, Germany, France and Japan.

Ten competition finalists will be selected by popular vote in an online poll from a pool of over 10,000 participants, including the METASONICS’ “Preacherman.” The top three prizes winners will be selected by a panel of judges to perform at Gretsch’s 125th anniversary concert in New York City, bringing home $15,000 in new drums and guitars.

Jamie Cooper, Fergus Falls native, is the METASONICS vocalist and guitarist. Cooper wrote “Preacherman” and entered the competition under his name, while Brandon Jones and Sal Aronica, both of Underwood, joined him in late May to form the METASONICS, who will finish out the competition with Cooper.

“We’re excited to be a part of the competition,” Cooper said. “We know we’ve got the greatest fans in the world—now we just have to show it. We encourage our fans and all of the Fergus Falls area to vote for our song.”

In choosing a name for the band, Cooper started with his and Jones’ Gibson guitars, which are called Sonics.

“After we knew we wanted to use or go off of the word ‘Sonics,’ I came across the word ‘meta,’ which means above, beyond and outside the realm of something,” Cooper said. “So it seemed fitting to put the two together for a name that means ‘Above, beyond and outside the realm of sound.’”

The METASONICS will compete this Friday in a Battle of the Bands contest in Barrett, but even with success in the local scene, the band is still up to the challenge international competition presents. To vote for “Preacherman” and other songs, visit

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