Mickey Mouse led kindergartners on a march around the gym Friday morning as he and Minnie Mouse visited the students at McKinley Elementary School to celebrate his 82nd birthday coming up on Nov. 18.

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Mickey Mouse’s birthday celebrated

Published 11:57am Friday, November 12, 2010 Updated 12:16pm Friday, November 12, 2010

Mickey Mouse is turning 82 on Thursday, and kindergarten students celebrated his birthday with a visit from the famous mouse himself.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse stopped by McKinley Elementary School during the monthly Friday Friends assembly, when all six kindergarten classes gather in the gym.

The classes get together once a month on a Friday to celebrate students’ birthdays, sing songs and read stories for about 15 minutes, where they also learn how to sit at an assembly. “It’s so the students can get to know each other and other teachers,” kindergarten teacher Elesha Jyrkas said. “It builds a nice community of learners.”

With Mickey Mouse celebrating his birthday Nov. 18, this month’s gathering was a special occasion.

Kindergartner Ella Metcalf was happy to get hugs from Minnie and Mickey Mouse Friday morning at McKinley Elementary School after wishing Mickey a happy early birthday. Mickey and Minnie stopped by to celebrate Mickey’s birthday that is coming up on Nov. 18. Mickey will be turning 82 this year.

The students, all wearing Mickey Mouse ears, sang “The 100 Song” until they reached 82, when Mickey jumped up and down waving his arms to let the kindergartners know that’s the age he’s turning.

Then they sang and marched along to the “Mickey Mouse Club March” theme song, and Mickey and Minnie led the students on a march around the gym.

“It was fun,” kindergartner Larissa Goodman said of meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse. “I watch them on TV all the time.”

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