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Press without a reporter? Crazy

Published 7:32am Friday, November 5, 2010

Whew! I’m glad Randy Moss was cut and went off to Tennessee.

After hearing his last-ever press conference Sunday I was scared that he was going to change the newspaper business in Minnesota forever.

That’s because Moss said he would only do interviews. But there was a catch.

He would ask the questions and then provide the answers to his own questions.

Holy crap. Now I realize that it was Randy Moss speaking and that most of what Randy Moss speaks is pure rubbish.

But what if what he was saying was true?

From time to time, it’s good to have a conversation with yourself — but not an interview.

What if other people across the state picked up on that wild and crazy trend?

Even here in Fergus Falls.

There is no doubt that Fergus Falls would become a community where everything is coming up roses.

All the cups would be half full and not half empty. There would be a pot at the end of every rainbow.

That is, unless city council candidate Jamie Cooper were interviewing himself.

I think he’d probably tell us that the world known as Fergus Falls is coming to an end and he can lead us through the gates of the city to a much better place.

This interviewing yourself and answering your own question thing could be a real problem.

So what if Randy Moss, or your city council member, county board member, or school board member held their own press conferences, provided all the questions as well as the answers and ingeniously removed reporters from the traditional Q and A, making them the subject of both the Q and the A?

When you interview yourself, you can customize the interview however you see fit.

That’s a problem.

Is it another blow to journalism, or another evolution?

As service industries eliminate actual service — first we pumped our own gas, then we bused our own tables, now we scan and bag our own groceries. Is it that far fetched to image people interviewing themselves?

I’ve enjoyed my 20 years in the newspaper business. It has been a privilege to interview the people I’ve encountered in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

But that’s because I interviewed them and they then provided me the material that makes some stories easy to write, and some just a little bit harder.

A lot of people said the return of Randy Moss to unite him with Brett Favre was the perfect marriage, that they’d get the Vikings back in the playoff hunt for better or worse.

After hearing Moss’ plan for interviewing himself, I think the deal was for the worse.

Thank goodness for Brad Childress. Randy Moss and his “ingenious” plans have hit the road.

  • Jamie Cooper

    You talk like I’m the pied piper with some fantasyland crap. every claim I made has facts and references to back them up.
    the profits that the tax payers of this city would make from a community owned, geo-thermal energy station like I suggested are on par with having the California gold rush, the African diamond industry, and the majority of the worlds oil here. not only would every taxed household of had and extra $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 a year to do with as they pleased, it would have prepared the community for the next economic revolution.
    similar facilities are already in use in other countries.

    when I said no jobs are coming, I,in no way implied the world is coming to an end.
    jobs don’t materialize out of thin air, and neither does wealth.
    the economics of the past have already failed and it’s obvious the economy won’t be recovering. just take a look at the national debt clock.
    the Federal Reserve just added another $600 billion dollars in printed money to the money supply a few days ago.
    this money has nothing of value to back it up so the reality is, they just stole $600 billion of worth from all the money that was already in existence.
    Fergus falls as well as the majority of the USA are not even close to being prepared for automated systems like the HPR-4 robots that are already putting more and more people out of work all over the world.
    all one has to do is look at what automation did to Detroit to see the devastation the drive for profits and these technologies combined will continue to cause.
    this new breed of robots don’t require any adaptations of the work environment, they take care of their own maintenance including charging, and repairing themselves. they work non-stop, without complaint, or requiring time off for family or holidays.
    this is no longer science fiction.
    add all these facts together and you’ll easily see what’s coming. it’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of living in fantasy-land though!

  • Jamie Cooper

    as a accomplished reporter myself, including high profile interviews, in depth exposes, and human interests, I have to admit I find the brand of reporting I’ve seen at the Daily Journal to be biased, misleading, and often unethical to the point of libel.

  • 1126thmp

    One does generally expect more of the 4th estate. But its the Journal.

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