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Level 3 sex offender moving to Union Ave.

Published 6:02pm Friday, February 11, 2011

Marc Gorman Beito, 25, will be living in the 100 block of North Union Avenue.  He is a Level 3 Predatory Offender.

Beito was convicted of third degree sexual assault in 2004 in Pennington County after having sexual contact with an intoxicated and sleeping 14 year old girl.

Beito is a white male with brown eyes and blonde hair, approximately 5’ 7” tall and weighing 150 pounds.

Beito will not be under supervised probation, but will be required to register as a predatory offender until 2025.

The Fergus Falls Police Department conducted a community notification meeting in August 2010 when Beito was originally moving to Fergus Falls.  Beito moved into the same residence on September 17, 2010 on North Union and moved out of the community on October 1.

  • BWD

    Why are these sex offenders always coming to Fergus Falls?
    Is there something passing along their network that informs them that we are easy targets here? Or that our children are easy targets here?

    and why on North Union? So they can watch our school kids walking home?

    So the Fergus Falls Police Department conducted a community notification meeting back in August? Our City Council allows this…for what? Money? Is it Money from the State?

    Someone is getting paid money here, and its putting our community’s children at risk?

    With these people currently in town, who now wants to let their kids or grandkids ride a bike down the street????

    • chevy lee

      Not me thats for sure. It is sad thou even says his not from fergus falls so why is he moving there. People just remember freedom of speech so put signs in your yards that sex offenders not welcome here. Or go online find his pic and make flyers then hand them out to all the kids and people who walk down the street. I am wondering isn’t a level 3 mean must likely to repeat? I really think they should just be put to death like they do in other countrys. Our country’s youth must not be that important even thou they ARE our future. Sad we have to keep our kids under lock and key if we want them safe.

  • Tinker

    Is he moving to that half way house on North Union?

    • chevy lee

      It just says the 100th block of north union plus this guy was 18 when she was 14 so at least know his only looking at teenagers.

  • News_Reader

    Yeah and what’s really disturbing is this level 3 sex offender named Dale Brinklow who apparently had intercourse upon other things with little children and who is now living above the rainbow cleaners, not even a half a block away from the park near the library. I know this girl who lives nearby who is moving because of it too.


    the question shouldn’t be so much why they are coming here as, why they come from here so often. it’s not like they are from other communities to begin with.
    it’s the same in every other overly religious community.


    religion turns people into liars.
    so much that they lie to themselves and deny their sexuality.
    until it warps them.
    religion also provides excuses, like demons and possession.
    religion tells us that we are all dirty perverts condemned to hell unless we suck up to Jesus.
    so, it shouldn’t be so surprising when some are, and of course later find god in prison…

    • grantherald


      WTF???????????? You need help

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