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300, brackets, coaches…and I need a breather

Published 7:04pm Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Updated 10:35pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man, I really need to work on my blog twice a week as they are tons of sports that I like to talk about. It’s been hard recently as I have attempted to learn how to do layout here at the DJ. Thanks to my former editor Jeff Hage, Debbie Irmen, Joel Myhre, Tom Hintgen and Ryan Howard on your patience and help these last two weeks.

Let’s get to it… Jim Tressel was suspended for five games. Yeah, I was wondering how you can knowing have players sell their keep sakes for cash without getting suspended or fired. Also, very sad to see Bruce Pearl get let go from the University of Tennessee. You can’t cheat Bruce, but please pop up on ESPN wearing that sweet bright orange suit.

Twins named Scott Baker the fifth starter. Congrats to the supposed Yankee “killer.” My father-in-law always is worried when Baker takes the mound saying “Scott Baker…the home run maker.” Pat Neshek was let go by the Twins and immediately picked up by the Padres. Loved Neshek’s delivering, but he couldn’t find the same zip after undergoing Tommy John surgery two season ago.

Vikings Adrian Peterson is one of the richest “slaves” I have ever seen. If you didn’t catch Peterson’s comments about how the league has treated him, google it. Glad to see the players not support this idea. Love the fact that he is a Viking, but if you hadn’t sided with the owners before, that statement might do it now.

Chad Ochocinco gets a tryout with Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer. The dude can kick, watch the preseason. If the NFL is still locked out, I hope to watch his first game as a member of the team. I am glad to see guys (all though very much full of himself) continue be athletic and stay competitive. Ray Edwards and Tom Zbikowski are both trying to box during the labor dispute. Zibs can box, Edwards trains that way.

Iowa football players BEWARE! Report on the ESPN just showed that the strength and conditioning staff prepared a very strenuous squat workout that caused rhabdomyolysis, a muscle disorder that hospitalized 13 players. I help train the football players out a the CC, but you know what, our lifting program is not much harder than a high schools and I hate to say this for Iowa, but didn’t these guys go to college for this stuff. Shouldn’t happen.

My favorite college team, Notre Dame, has had a few problems as of late. Bounced out of the NCAA tourney and Mike Floyd picked up for a DUI. When it rains it pours I guess. Hope Coach Kelly can get the Irish turned around off the field, because last season’s on the field play looks good for my beloved Irish.

Lawerence Taylor was a beast in the NFL, but his off the field problems have over shadowed his playing career. Also the quote of ” I don’t card,” just makes you wonder how many times he has done this sort of thing.

Another great (if you put him in this category), Barry Bonds’ trial began for prejury. Jeez I guess a guy can’t take steroids, lie to everyone, go on tv and admit to what we all thought was true, and eventually let all baseball analysts forget it completely (this still bugs me about Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettite).

As I am writing this blog, I am currently listening to the Perham vs. Virginia boys basketball game. Hear that Zach Gabbard is at the game. Great to hear, I am glad to see that his recovery is coming a long nicely. Wish the Yellowjackets’ the best of luck down at the state tournament as I believe that most people are pulling for them to do something that is very difficult.

My NCAA brackets were shot after Day 2. This is why I usually just compete against myself in the tournament. I believe this is why I save myself from joining a pool.

Kevin Love is hurt. If the Timberwolves weren’t unwatchable before, they definitely are now.

Spring sports preview is right around the corner for you folks, so look forward to the Journal’s coverage of your area teams.

Looking forward to baseball starting for the area and major league. M State began play, watch for that Sam Theilen to blow things up for the Spartans this Spring.

On a personal note, I bowled a 300 last Friday. 2nd one in my life. I would like to thank my team including My dad, Virgil Stich, Iver Henjum and Dale Boese. I was put in my place very quickly, Tuesday, when co-worker Erin Johnson said “what’s the big deal, I do that on Wii bowling all the time.”

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