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Erhard burglar allegedly stole from occupied bedroom

Published 5:24pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Erhard woman has been charged on Wednesday with first degree burglary after allegedly breaking into a home down the street from where she lived – and stealing a wallet from the home’s bedroom while the residents slept.

Amanda Marie Helmer, 24, was arrested on March 21, the same day the burglary was reported.

According to the criminal complaint, homeowners at a residence on the 400 block of Railroad Avenue called the sheriff’s office at about 6:30 that Monday morning to report that some items had been stolen from their home while they slept. One of the homeowners reported that she had awoken the night before and had seen that the home’s front door was wide open, but she did not look for missing items.

In the morning, however, the couple found that some prescription medication had been taken from a kitchen cabinet, and a wallet had been stolen from the bedroom they were sleeping in.

The complaint stated that sheriff’s deputies on the scene began investigating and were able to follow a pair of footprints to a home further down Railroad Avenue (another pair of footprints were not traceable). No one was home in the morning, but when a sheriff’s deputy arrived back later in the afternoon with a search warrant, Helmer and her mother were home, and the deputy found a pair of shoes in the home with treads matching the footprints around the burglarized house.

Helmer allegedly admitted to wearing the shoes but said she did not commit a burglary. Instead, she said that some people she knew committed the crime and then gave her the pills to hold onto. She returned the pills to the deputy at that time.

After interviewing the other people Helmer had implicated, the deputy believed them to have acceptable alibis and confronted Helmer with his belief that she was lying. Helmer allegedly stuck by her story, although she broke down crying and stating that she would inform about the real burglar as she was being arrested, the complaint reported.

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