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Blogtastic for April 15, 2011

Published 11:13am Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome back friends, Another blog post another week.

After posting my blog last time, Mr. Manny Ramirez has retired from the sport of baseball. I guess I would have to agree with Buster Onley about Manny. Manny didn’t really care about records, World Series championships or the fans perception of the once great slugger. Manny was just being Manny, again (I really hate hearing this phrased used) and all that Manny cared about was the money. Ramirez left the Indians after the 2000 season, signing a eight year $160 million deal with options of $20 million for a ninth and tenth year with the BoSox. Manny was dominant in his time in Beantown winning two World Series and named MVP of the 2004 series. Manny was suspended in 2009 for violating league substance policy. This Spring, a declining Ramirez was caught once again. He decided to retire than take the 100 game suspension coming his way. Some would say it was the cowards way out, I believe that Manny did the right thing and walked away (hopefully taking that phrase above along with him).

Congratulations to UMD for winning the 2011 NCAA hockey national championship. The Bulldogs are dominating the Minnesota college sports seen this school year, also winning the Division II national championship in football this past season.

Is it time to panic about the Twins? I don’t know, but Nathan blew a save and Capps gave up a walk-off to Johnny “formally Jesus Christ look-alike” Damon in last night’s game. Oh yeah, and that guy that is behind home plate for the Twins from Minnesota…he is on the DL.

Notre Dame wide receiver and Minnesota standout Mike Floyd was allowed to stay in the dorms at Notre Dame after getting a DUI. Might be his last …ch…time he drives drunk.

NFL and the union are back at mediation after a month break. This story drags on more than a guy with a bum leg. Someone let me know when something is settled.

Speaking of the NFL, the newly crowned “biggest bust of the draft” (taking the mantle from Ryan Leaf) JaMarcus Russell has made news again, this time because his life coach has given up on him. *Note to Life Coach* Most people gave up on him after he was benched for a no namer in Oakland. Fans need to start watching the NFL draft and just see what Kiper or McShay drop on upcoming players. I remember when Russell was drafted, Kiper said “He is a more athletic Daunte Culpepper.” That statement right there tells me “NO!” Brad Childress also compared Sage Rosenfels to the next Gus Ferrotte. Both statements make you cringe and wonder why you would want the next “that” anyways. You don’t go to work and your boss says “We just hired the next Ted Kaczynski to UPS” or watch a movie and hear your friend say “this actress has been called the next Lindsey Lohan” and completely feel comfortable with the thought. Russell may be the perfect example of why the NFL needs a rookie salary cap. Not that it would help the Raiders out of the cellar, but it would definitely allow “mistakes” to happen.

Man I have been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff these last couple of days. I went to three games on Tuesday, golf practice and tennis practice Wednesday, laid out the spring preview, Thursday went to M State softball and FF softball and even stopped up at FF JV and freshmen baseball games. I feel like Kenny Maine, when he does his 3 or 4 sporting events in one day.

I did get a chance to workout this week. Even had a former player on mine (shameless name drop) Izaak Bray work in with me. Izaak is one of the silliest (yes, I used the word silliest) people I know. Never really in a bad mood and easy to get along with. But he does have a hard time benching more than 245 lb. for reps.

I am happy to get some of the spring season underway, but it looks like Mr. snow and Mrs. rain are coming to ruin what has turned out to be a fun beginning of the season.

If time allows I will try to get another post up sooner. I leave you with a funny quote for the day. (Yes it made me smile).

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.


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