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A Few Ramblings [UPDATED]

Published 9:48pm Sunday, April 24, 2011 Updated 10:46am Monday, April 25, 2011

First of all thanks for all the comments lately. Like I have said many times before, comments are what make this blog fun and interesting. There can be many opinions on sports, some right, like mine, and of course all the others. So thanks and keep them coming. By the way if you have never written a comment and would like to, please take the time and sign in. I know it isn’t the easiest thing but once you have done it you are set.

-The Twins are winning a little with three wins in a row with two of them against the Division leader Cleveland. Kubel has really been hitting the ball just like he is playing for a contract, oh yeah, he is. What has been hopeful lately is Justin Morneau starting to hit. He is a very important cog on this team as he can carry them a long way.

-Over the weekend I tried to explain the football lock out to my grown up daughter. I did the best I could but I’m not sure I understand the whole thing either except to say it stinks. I hate professional sports contract negotiations.

-I am not for the expanded playoffs in baseball. They are already playing the World Series in November, do they have any idea what type of weather some of the northern teams have in late November and December? I also don’t want baseball to become like the NHL and NBA where just about everyone makes the playoffs. All the seasons are too long anyway no reason to make them longer.

-Despite the fact that I don’t want longer playoffs, I just love watching baseball. I totally understand when some people say they don’t like to watch it because it is too slow or whatever, but I just love it. I like to watch how pitchers work a batter, I like watching a great fielding play, and I like the suspense of a slower game than most other sports. I’m not against speeding the game up in any way, but I also would like people to embrace the slowness of the game, I know we are in a face paced world but this game should never change.

-This past week an original Minnesota Twin passed away. It was the Twins very first third baseman Reno Bertoia. Bertoia was the Twins third baseman for the first 35-40 games and hit a home run in the Twins very first game. He was later traded but will forever be the Twins first third baseman. Bertoia was a bonus baby of the 50’s. A bonus baby at the time was a young player signed by a team for $4,000 or more he had to be on the major league roster for two full seasons or he would be allowed to sign with another team. It was an idea that changed a lot from 1947 when it was first in use to 1965 when it was abolished. It was good for the player in the fact he was on a Major League roster for two years and lived the life of a major leaguer, but they very seldom played because most of them were too young. So since they didn’t play much they missed out on a couple of years of playing time. The three most famous bonus babies where Hall of Famers. They were Harmon Killebrew, Sandy Koufax, and Al Kaline.


  • Randy Larson

    I have to comment on your Lock-out explanation attempt. I can’t say that I can explain it either now that you mention it. I know it involves gobs of money and two sides tying to get the most they can but how can anyone understand the posturing, legal work, writs, memorandii, and general B.S., I think I’ll just ignore it all.

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