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Man arrested for assaulting mother [UPDATED]

Published 11:06am Monday, April 25, 2011 Updated 11:57am Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Dalton woman was taken by helicopter to Sanford Hospital in Fargo on Saturday after her son allegedly attacked her and gave her a serious head wound. The son was arrested this morning.

Barbara Howard, 68, was taken to Lake Region Hospital and then transported to Fargo after Otter Tail County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call from her home at 7:50 p.m. on Saturday, according to the sheriff’s office. When deputies arrived at Howard’s home, they found her with a severe head injury caused by a “sharp-edged object.” The sheriff’s office has not released the kind of weapon used.

Deputies also found her son, James Howard, 46, also of Dalton, at the residence. James was suffering from a cut on his neck that he allegedly told deputies was self-inflicted. He also was taken to Lake Region Hospital.

After an investigation, the sheriff’s office arrested James for first degree assault today at 9:20 a.m. Attempted murder charges may also be pursued by the county attorney’s office.

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  • Katie

    Most frustrating part, is the Sherriff’s department kept all the neighbors in the dark. Having to keep kids in, all day Sunday, because we had no clue what had happened, only that their was police tape up…and ambulances were called. It would have been nice to know they had someone in custody…for a piece of mind. Plus, it says he was arrested, why isn’t he on the Jail website?

  • holly

    So the cops had someone in custody – at the time, they did not know if it was the work of one person or several. 20/20 hindsight is prety clear, no? And you had the major inconvenience of keeping the kids in the house for a day – get over yourself. And he’s not on the jail website because he’s under guard in the hospital.

    • Apples

      The neighbors have had way too many run ins with that man and the Sheriff Department had been there numerous times. Mrs. Loosbrock (who lives near by) and the neighbors all should have been talked too and explained of what happened.

      Its called “Peace of Mind”.

    • Katie

      As apples oranges stated, it is not the first time there has been a run in with members of that family. I don’t think the cops should have told us everything, but maybe let us know, you may want to keep the kids in, or we believe it is safe…we new nothing about what happened or that anyone was in custody and on Easter, when we would have liked to have an egg hunt and games outdoors. I did later find out why he wasn’t on the jail website, watching local news last night…but that could have been a long wait. Especially living in rural Minnesota, we should have a right to feel safe in our own yard.

      • holly

        Hate to tell you this but the cops don’t have to let nosy neighbors in on what is going down at an attempted murder crime scene – and you were safe in your own yard – had they thought you were in imminent danger, they would have asked you to leave. Oh, by the way, your neighbor lady is in the hospital with life-threatening head injuries, and you’re upset that the kids couldn’t play games and do an Easter egg hunt outdoors. Sounds like you’re more concerned about that than her welfare. I hope your kids don’t grow up to be quite so self-centered.

        • kiwi banana

          Wow, Holly M. Quit being such a wench. When you live in a small town and something huge happens it would be nice to have a “piece of mind” just as Katie & Apples stated. Yes, as you said if anybody else would have been in danger the police would have notified everyone. However, when something happens next door with lots of flashing lights and someone being taken away on a stretcher after being struck with a “sharp-edged object” that is not the first thing going through your mind when you have children.

        • Katie

          Wow…you obviously need some mood altering drugs, or something. Just to let you know, I am really hoping his mother is okay. She is a very nice lady and I would like for her to make a full recovery. It is the other members of the household which have been in trouble numerous times. And no the cops don’t always tell you if you could be in danger. I have seen it before and not just in Otter Tail County, where there are very serious things going on and the cops do nothing to let neighbors know. Any one with young children would like to know if they were safe after having as little information as I did all night Saturday night, all day Sunday, and the first part of Monday morning. If you are so worried about people being “nosy” what do you think you are doing? you were not there…

  • momoffour

    Katie, I fully agree with you! Being concerned for your childrens safety and your own is not being nosy! And Holly I am assume you don’t know Katie because she is the least self-centered person I know…no need to say rude things when she is just being a Mom making sure her kids were safe. This article was published on Monday, this incident happened on Saturday, so no she didn’t know if someone was in custody or not! Her family should feel safe enough to be in their own yard and seeing police tape at the neighbors with no details..she obviously was worried!

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