Tom Hintgen / Daily Journal: Defibrillator training is now provided by the Arrow EMS education program in Ashby.

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EMS training in Ashby can save lives

Published 10:37am Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Updated 10:37am Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is taking a new direction in Ashby. In November 2010, Chad Smith was hired as Arrow EMS education program coordinator.

“Here in Ashby we’re working very hard to meet the needs of area residents,” said Smith. “We also work with area businesses, Ashby School and various organizations to come in and train people in safety, how to use defibrillators, etc.”

About 30 individuals are members of both the Ashby Fire Department and also serve as EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). Both ambulances and fire trucks, as well as a training room, are located at the city hall complex in Ashby. No fewer than three EMTs are on call at one time in Ashby.

Smith farms with his father between Herman and Donnelly. When not at his part-time job in Ashby, he has an opportunity to work with the Stevens County Ambulance Service in Morris.

Previously, EMT trainers needed to come into Ashby in order to coordinate refresher courses and the like. Now, Smith is available to do the coordination for the training sessions.

“We don’t have to cover all things at one meeting,” said Smith. “Since I’m based here in Ashby, we can break down subject matter and have more meetings spread out, and better fit the schedules of our EMTs here in the Ashby area.”

Adds Smith, “I’m available for training and assistance 24-7. We now have a lot of flexibility with training.”

He has 17 years of experience as an EMT in the Donnelly-Morris area. For many years, Smith has taught CPR and various first aid classes.

“Our EMTs and firefighters here in Ashby have pride in what they do,” said Smith. “The welfare and safety of area residents, especially in times of emergencies, is our highest priority.”

Smith has assistants who help him with training in Ashby. “It’s a team effort among trainers and those learning refresher courses and the like.”

The city of Ashby, through the mayor and city council, is 100 percent behind the efforts of the EMS education and training.

The Arrow EMS Education Advisory Committee is discussing the types of equipment that should be purchased in the future that will enhance the educational programs at Arrow EMS. Those purchases have yet to be approved by the committee or by the city council.

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