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Viking, Twins Talk

Published 9:08am Saturday, April 30, 2011

Since the Twins aren’t much to write home about let’s talk Vikings first.

With their first pick in the draft they draft a quarterback which is what everyone wanted them to do because that is a big need. It’s just that the guy they got wasn’t the guy most people wanted. I think they did just fine with the pick of Christian Ponder. I may not follow college football like some people but there were a lot of quarterbacks available in the draft and I don’t think there was that much difference between them and Ponder looks pretty good.

The Vikings had a lot of needs like offensive line, defensive line, wide receiver, and D backs so I was a little confused on their second pick which was a tight end Kyle Rudolph. He does sound like he may be an impact player at that position and the Vikings are getting a little old in the tooth at that position. The Viking brass also says it is a deep draft and they now have a lot of picks left so I will have to trust their judgment.

Before every football draft all the experts have their mock drafts made out and except for a few right picks it seems they aren’t the experts they think they are. It takes only one team sometimes to make the draft go a different direction and it is mostly based on need and  just how that particular team values a player.

The Vikings obviously valued Ponder and Rudolph so it will be interesting to see how they develop. Ponder looks like a guy they can build around and that is what the team needs. They have been using other team’s retreads far too long now instead of growing their own.

-What more can a person really say about the Twins right now. So let’s talk about their minor league system that was once thought to be one of the best.

Last year the Twins minor league teams were some of the worst teams in the minor leagues. Except for Aaron Hicks and Kyle Gibson what to the Twins have down there.

I feel the Twins have always over valued some of their players which has proven to be somewhat true when they tried to make some trades in recent years as other teams seem to not want any of their minor leaguers.

At Rochester, which was in last place last season, the Twins signed some long time minor league players to at least try and look like a team for the Rochester fans. Gibson is there and he seems to be a promising player but who else? Trever Plouffe is playing shortstop and seems to be doing well but apparently they don’t think he is good enough to replace Casilla so that is a little scary. Ben Revere is down there and they think highly of him but when they went to call up an outfielder they call up Rene Tosoni so I’m not sure what to think here. Other than that I don’t see anyone down there that could help the team this year or next year.

Now you go look at New Britain and I seem maybe outfielder Joe Benson but that is about it. There are others that some bloggers have talked about but I just don’t see much there.

In Fort Myers they have Aaron Hicks who the Twins seem to think is going to be a star but if you look now he is hitting .208 and has only 5 rbi’s so you can’t help but wonder what he is all about.

I’m not sure what is going on with our minor league system and if there is anyone to blame but for years the minors have always been able to produce good hitters and now there isn’t anyone special on the horizon. With the current Twins roster getting older this does not bode well for our local nine.

  • Randy Larson

    I read a shocking statistic in the Trib today. I have been busy and not keeping up on the Twins real well but the paper said that Joe Mauer, with a batting average of .238, is the third highest batting average on the Twins! How can that be? There is something seriously wrong here.

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