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Poll: majority oppose ban on gay marriage

Published 11:04am Friday, May 13, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS — A new poll shows the majority of Minnesotans surveyed oppose amending the state Constitution to ban gay marriage.

The Star Tribune Minnesota Poll says 55 percent of respondents oppose such a ban, while 39 percent favor it. Support for the ban seems to rise with age. Sixty percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 oppose the idea. Twenty-two-year-old Adam Leistiko of Edina says people shouldn’t be categorized or labeled because of their sexual orientation.

The Minnesota Senate approved the amendment this week. The House is expected to follow suit. Approval would place the question on the ballot next year.

The poll of 806 Minnesotans was done last week and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.7 percentage points.

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  • P. Carlson

    Interesting. Today on the radio, they are reporting a new poll in Rochester, MN showing 80% want the ban. This makes me question where the Star Tribune poll was taken, college campuses?

  • Wow

    I say lets vote!!!

  • RichHensch

    The days of racial discrimination are very gradually coming to a close and so are the days of sexual discrimination. But unfortunately discrimination is NOT yet gone! In some areas, discrimination is alive and well and perhaps never will be gone!
    Each of us has to answer to our own conscience and each of us knows in our own mind what is right and what is wrong. We are victims of our own upbringing, and our opinions of what is right and what is wrong are formed by our beliefs and experiences in life, as well as the opinions from those around us….my persoanl belief is that people are basically good folks worldwide, and what folks do in their homes is their business and no one else’s business! Many many folks have partners who help each other unbelieveably and if they happen to be of the same sex, so what?? And to discriminate against these partners is NOT fair or constitutional. I would NOT oppose gay marriages or civil unions, and its plain old discrimination to do so!


    I would trust the Tribune far and above any radio or tv news.
    since under Bush the media was deregulated and now Rupert Murdoch controls nearly all major tv, radio, magazine, and newspapers.

    • FFsocks4life

      I read this crappy paper now and again and since no one else will say it we are all getting sick of youre ridiculous left wing responses oh yeah and that crap that you call music that you make SUCKS give it up you live in Fergus Falls and place you’re politacal views in every article in a S@#$% newspaper I personaly could care less if two guys/girls get married If youre boyfriend pulled out of you’re corn hole for 2 seconds maybe you would wake the F!@# up

      • FFsocks4life

        Oh yeah you think the right runs the mainstream meadia WAKE THE F!@# UP


    aside for the corruption of the media via deregulation, I think it’s just common sense that most people are against singling out a portion of the population and stripping them of equality, which goes against everything this country was founded to protect.

  • racerjohnson

    I’m excited for the process, no matter what happens. Either way it’ll send a message to legislators. That poll don’t matter much, Minneapolis will have a similar and different result that many cities in MN. I hope they word the ballot clearly as to what people are voting for and why.

  • BillSchulz

    Gallup poll nationwide, Feb 16, 81% favor ban on same sex marriage. Rasmussen poll nationwide late April, 82% favor ban on same sex marriage. The Star/Trib is notorioue for loading their sampling populations in ratios of 60% Democrats,20% Republican, 20% independents. Yet the latest reliable statewide poll, the elections of 2010 gave the Republicans about 60/40 ratio of seats in both houses of the State legislature. For the Journal to reprint this bogus piece only shows their wishful thinking that they can con people in their resdership to believe that they are are out of step with the wider populace. This is only the first in many false propoganda pieces from the left we will see the Journal attempt to foist on us between now and the elections.

    • Jake Krohn

      The Minnesota Poll makeup isn’t quite as skewed as you think. Although I don’t know if the following story pertains to the marriage poll or the one taken the day before, I believe it’s representative of the methodology that is used:

    • Dean

      Bill, 81%? 82%? A little research reveals that across the country, across many different polls, the numbers are within a few percent… 45-50% for, and about the same against. Hmm, however, a couple of polls I found stated that 81-82% of republicans are for banning gay marriage. Interesting. So, it’s ok for you to be misleading, AND you reserve the right to criticize others for the same tactics?

      As far as the subject, 2-4% of people on the planet are gay. Always have been, always will be. Why should it matter at all, to you or anyone, who they marry?


    some issues shouldn’t even be up for a vote whether or not popular opinion is in favor or not.
    if for example the Right wanted to make it legal to stone promiscuous women to death as their bible commands, obviously, that is against basic human rights and thus not subject to popular opinion, even if they portray the majority as supporting such, just a rape should never be legalized, nor selling ones daughter into sex slavery, nor female circumcision despite it robbing women of all sexual pleasure and thus helping the chaste maintain their religulous traditions, at least until a some glory seeking alter boy seduces an aging virginal clergyman.
    banning same sex marriage is worse than even Jim Crow segregation. at least that was supposed to be “separate but equal”.
    grow up! and stop trying to strip others of their basic human rights.
    one seriously must must question why self-professed “straight folks” would spend any time, at all, obsessing over what the gays are doing?
    what do you find so appealing and hypnotic about same sex marriage that you feel it must be banned?
    also, why is it that the anti-gays are ALWAYS the ones we catch committing the worst kinds of sexual deviancy? as in snorting meth with gay hookers in seedy Florida hotels like former evangelical movement leader, Ted Haggard?

    • FFsocks4life

      the issue is not same sex marriage who cares! the problem is youre!@#$% “music” oh yeah and youre liberal talking points not a conservative here just a conserned citisen

    • FFsocks4life

      if you are so passionate about this take some of the spoils from youre amazing music career and donate too the cause oh sorry I forget libs only spend succesfull peoples moneys

  • Mick3550

    This is not a gay issue it is a human rights issue period. The constitution is supposed to protect EVERYONE, not just the heterosexual population. What happened to the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause?

    Wisconsin, Iowa,Connecticut,District of Columbia,New Hampshire,New Jersey,New York, Maine,Massachusetts,Vermont Oregon and Washington. Canada,Belgium,Croatia,Denmark,Finland,France,
    Germany Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Luxembourg,Netherlands
    Norway,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, United Kingdom
    All of these states and nations all have marriage,civil unions or domestic partnerships.

    Minnesota and other states have big problems to solve, unemployment, homelessness, healthcare just to name a few. People need to stop wasting time and energy on this non issue and move onto what are really important issues.

    Hurray for Iowa, I went there two weeks ago and got married to my same sex partner. It’s a shame the money we spent in Iowa couldn’t have stayed in Minnesota, it certainly would have if Minnesota would allow same sex unions.

  • BWD

    Just by reading these comments, anyone can get a real feel for who has really spent some quality time outside the borders of the U.S., other than some college parting in Mexico.

    If you had, your comments about the U.S. and the ‘Rights’ you are trying to subvert would be far different.

    • Jake Krohn

      That’s an awful line of reasoning. Are you really implying that we should lower our expectations of equality just because we are doing better than the Irans and Libyas of the world?

      I thought we were a country that aspired to something more noble than that.

      • BWD

        Well Jake!
        Sense you like it so much, Why don’t You and Mick 3550 invite ol’ Jamie Cooper over for a Night of wild homosexual deviant pleasure. Lets see if his pants stay buckled up????? Will Jamie say yes??? or will he just watch????
        Maybe Jamie can right us an editorial account later…..

        • Jake Krohn

          Brilliant rejoinder!

  • ackerjohnson

    Hey Dave Adams, before commenting on the supposed errant behavior of others, you might take note of the following….

    Since = a grammatical word used to indicate that a situation has continued from a particular time or event in the past

    Sense = any of the faculties by which a person or animal obtains information about the physical world

    Right = correct: accurate, or consistent with the facts or general belief

    Write = put words on paper: to put words, letters, numbers, or musical notation on a surface using a pen, pencil, or similar instrument

    Your silly opinions will carry no more weight, but will at least be grammatically correct for those who read.

    • BillSchulz

      Thanks for enlightening us with your erudite observations,
      Doctor Alias Acker. Misspellings notwithstanding, Adams’ message and frustration seem abundantly clear and not much deviant in tone, form, or adherence to literary standards than his detractors in this thread.

  • BWD

    rat on, brotha….

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