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Alleged drug dealers arrested [UPDATED]

Published 10:45am Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Updated 11:51am Friday, May 6, 2011

Seventeen alleged drug dealers were arrested across Otter Tail County on Monday during a series of drug busts local law enforcement agencies are calling “Operation: Spring Cleanup.”

“There are more arrests to come,” said Police Chief Kile Bergren of the operation, which began three months ago.

Most of the drug dealers targeted operated in and around Fergus Falls, with a few others from Pelican Rapids and outlying parts of the county. Some of the dealers operated in groups or partnerships, but they were not all part of one big ring, Bergren reported. Evidence was gathered against the dealers in part by a series of controlled drug buys organized by various law enforcement officers.

“Over the course of the (three months), the agents purchased and received cocaine, both powder and crack; methamphetamine; ecstasy; prescription medication, including oxycodone, other painkillers, Adderall … and marijuana,” said Bergren.

Officers who were part of the busts are still totaling the amount of drugs purchased in the buys, as well as any drugs seized during the operation Monday. Bergren said the total is significant.

Between eight and 10 officers from three agencies were involved in the arrests over the course of the day. Bergren said the arrests were coordinated to send a message to dealers across the county that local communities will not accept drug activity and that drug use is related to many other crimes that affect others, like burglary, theft and assault.

“If you’re going to be involved in that kind of activity, you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere for a place to live,” he said.

The operation was spearheaded by Fergus Falls Police Detective Jess Schoon and Otter Tail County Deputy Jim Iverson.

“It was a joint operation from our two agencies and the West Central Minnesota Drug Taskforce,” Bergren explained.

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  • Gramma G

    Dealers beware!! You are deluded in thinking you are smarter than the law. Law Enforcement knows who you are and will eventually get you.

  • kmayhem86

    Yes, I do agree with that All Drug Dealers should always be aware. But then again the police have to remember, That Marijuana is not a drug. Its a herb. Therefore, there is a difference. If God did not want anyone to do it then why would he plant it in the ground. If anything like that is all natural is not a bad thing everyone. Don’t let anyone tell you all different! But the bad things are the stuff that are processes like crack, meth, coke and any kind of process like that. Including any kind of pills.

    • Mr_Lincoln

      If God did not want anyone to do it then why would he plant it in the ground. If anything like that is all natural is not a bad thing everyone.


      • Vitojr130

        But oil does have a purpose, does it not? Yes I do believe K Mayhem’s approach to marijuana is a little bit off, however marijuana has been proven to have many more benefits than cons. I do not understand why cigarettes or alcohol are legal, yet marijuana is not. Marijuana is a MUCH healthier option when compared to the two. Even better is that the Government just released a Government-sponsored study on the matter that actually proves it, yet marijuana is STILL illegal. It’s such a joke. Putting people in jail for it is the dumbest thing ever.

    • Signfeld

      Yes Kmayhem86, I agree with you. Why the lawmakers don’t get it is incomprehensible. Marijuana would bring much needed money to the Gov, not the dealers. The cost would go down and the economy would get the shot in the arm it so desperatly needs NOW! Legalize it for adults as you do alcohol. Let us not forget prohibition. There is enough people in need now to justify this happening with weed.

      Wake up Gov. and lets us be free to get the help God provided us or answer to him in the end. Who are we to stop a “drug” that helps millions. If Fergus Falls doesnt want you here, than move to Mexico and spend your money there. Let Fergus Falls deal with the loss of revenue. Let’s all stick together to do the right thing. Our Gov. has been very wrong before, but remains reluctant to do the right thing. When we are at war, our soldiers should not use. But after they have defended their country and are home with post tramatic stress disorder, let them have the relief that God provided.
      There are many hundreds of people who need it in Fergus Falls alone. Rather than build relationships with the Police, they are going in the wrong direction when it comes to those who suffer and can’t get it.

  • DogLover

    Uh, Most all drugs are derived from plants… Not a relative defense. Guns aren’t illegal, but what you do with them can be.

    Only 19 arrested?? Seems a small number for all that goes on in the tricounty area. Maybe theres more to come?! We need a sweep like this for outstanding warrants too.

    Nice job Law Enforcement! Excellent start!


    it’s been proven that caniboids kill cancer cells in controlled scientific tests.
    this if fact!
    therefore, Medicinal Marijuana should be legal!
    California is way ahead of us on this issue, it’s a waste of resources going after Marijuana!
    we should tax it and issue licenses ASAP!

    • Signfeld

      Go Jamie, u r right, TY for speaking the common sense that u do! Hope to meet you sometime. I just hate too see others suffer as they do daily. I vow to keep up the fight and don’t forget that the cops have the best weed there is and some use it to unwind after a hard day. Don’t blame them at all here buddy. I would need it too if I were them. Test the cops and we will be hiring real soon for cops. I know 3 people who chose marijuana over alcohol, yet they cannot get hired. Common sense will prevail, when hundreds of people go to work everyday with a hangover and are dangerous to themselves and the business they work for.


    in general I doubt dealers think they are “smarter” than the law. drug dealing much like most financially motivated crimes are more about paying the bills and being able to eat than being “smarter” than the police.
    as long as we continue with a monetary based economy, we will have all the associatde crimes and ills that go with it.
    no matter the penalties, because, these “crimes” are an unavoidable affect.
    just as cutting off your finger, results in your finger being gone from your hand.
    there are not enough jobs that enable a decent lifestyle, and never will be.
    the current economic system was designed to empower those who set it up and to hell with the rest of us.
    so far it’s been working in their favor perfectly.
    when faced with homelessness and starvation or selling an illegal substance, which would you chose?

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