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Students sound off on removal of chocolate milk

Published 10:44am Friday, May 20, 2011

I’m a freshmen at Kennedy Secondary school, and I recently read an article in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal called “Chocolate Milk Under Attack.”

I think it is a very bad idea to ban chocolate milk from our school. Most people who eat lunch here, or even bring their own lunch to school, want something to drink. Most choose chocolate milk because they know it’s healthy and tastes really good.

Chocolate milk has many nutrients in it. Some are not healthy but most of the ingredients are good for us and our body. That is why most of the kids at school choose chocolate milk.

Even through many kids drink chocolate milk, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get all the healthy nutrients they need in their day.

With all the chocolate milk that the kids get and drink, it does not mean that they won’t burn off all the sugar that they drink, because they are still young.

They are in sports that will help them burn off energy that they have and the energy that they get from drinks.

If you were to take away the chocolate milk, the kids will drink something else or they will bring chocolate milk from home. If you are going to take away the chocolate milk, the children who go to this school will start to drink unhealthy drinks.

The drinks that they may start to drink could have more sugar in them and have not as many vitamins in the drink.

These are reasons why chocolate milk should not be removed from our school menu. The students who go here love the chocolate milk. They won’t want to stop drinking the chocolate milk. Considering all the concerns, chocolate milk is a healthy choice.

Megan Odland

Fergus Falls

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