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Why I fly the Betsy Ross flag

Published 11:32am Thursday, May 19, 2011

If America ceases to be Constitutional, America shall cease to be.

With an ever-expanding, over-reaching central government, an un-sustainable military presence around the world, endless foreign wars, increasing national debt, the extermination of over 52 million children, and numerous violations to our Constitution, our country’s problems have become a modern American crisis.

Because of this, many early American flags are making a reappearance across the nation. Perhaps the most notable being ‘The Thirteen Colonies Flag,’ known affectionately by Patriots as ‘The Betsy Ross.’

The Betsy Ross, so named after whom it was first sewn, was made on July 4, 1776. With its 13 stripes and distinguished circle of stars, it is indeed a majestic testament to liberty and a beauty to behold. I often fly this Revolutionary flag on the corner of Lincoln and Union and do so for one sole purpose: in support of the Constitution.

For in modern America, with the principles of liberty being trampled every day by those in Washington and our once great American republic nearly crushed under the weight of empire, I sincerely believe by flying or displaying the Betsy Ross, the Gadsden, or other early American flag, we send a clear and definite message to Washington: The spirit of the American Revolution lives on, and we’ve come to take our government back.

Joshua Lake

Fergus Falls

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