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Published 9:22pm Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Twins have a four game winning streak!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Aw, I shouldn’t bash the team so much cuz I still love the team. I have never jumped off the bandwagon because the team is attached to my heart too much to do that. But since they do mean so much to me I figure it’s ok to bash them a little bit when they play so poorly.

One positive has been the play of Alexi Casilla of late. He has brought up his batting average and he seems to have his head more into the game. He has it so much more into the game that he over thinks like bunting with a 0-2 count in the 9th inning with his team behind. It kinda sucks when you have to say that he is the best we have right now at the shortstop position. I only hope that the fact he is hitting a little now doesn’t wipe out Gardy’s memory banks about how he really plays. Just remember the bunt.

I admire Justin Morneau. He is what you call a gamer and he would fit on any of the teams I played on. I have talked a lot about playing with some nagging injuries and some of the Twins don’t always appear to do that. Yes I know we just don’t know the extent of some of these injuries but just about everyone I every played ball with played through the nagging injuries because we loved the game and didn’t want to let our teammates down. Morneau is that type of player and I love that.

I also am rooting for Anthony Swarzak. Swarzy seems to have the right attitude when he says he will do anything the team asks him to do. Are you listening Kevin Slowey? I watched Swarzy pitch on the MLB network once last year and once early this year when he pitched for Rochester. He was awful. But with his attitude for the game and with some early success here in the big leagues, here is a big “go get’em” for you Swarzy!

Congrats to Carl Pavano for notching his 100 career win. He has had to overcome a lot to get that win including watching the Twins bullpen blow a few for him. Do you suppose that is why he wanted to finish it on his own this time? Whatever, being able to finish the game on the mound for number 100 is awesome.

I don’t like to make fun of names since my own is what you put between your bathroom tiles, but I can’t help it with the new Twin call up. I can just imagine the conversation between Gardy and Billy Smith. “Who are you bringing up now Billy?” asks Gardy. “We are bringing up a Dinkelman.” reply’s Billy. Under his breath Gardy says,” Isn’t that what you have been sending me all year, a bunch of Dinkelman’s?”

Will the Timberwolves trade Ricky Rubio? They shouldn’t, at least not right away. They may get more from him now rather than later, but I think they need to wait a little while. The reason is that Wolves fans need something to come to the gym for and coming to see Rubio may be something that will fill the place for awhile. It will until they find out he can’t play but then they can do a Rubio bobble head night and make it life size. It still would fit on everyone’s shelf.

Did I ever tell you I was happy with the Vikings drafting Christian Ponder? I have to give the guy credit for trying to get some of his veteran teammates together to learn the playbook and get some chemistry going. To bad the likes of Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian didn’t show up using some pretty lame excuses. Makes you kind of figure out why the Vikings didn’t win. They may not care as much as the rookie Ponder.

  • Tracy Mitchell

    Great complete game by Baker — most of the rotation is settling into pitching well. The bats are heating up. Revere is showing now what we thought he would be doing some time in the future. Delmon is starting to hit off his right leg, Tolbert inches above the Mendoza Line. No one has said in the last 3 days “gee, they should have kept Punto”. Dinkelman dinkled two hits. Three of every four games will be played at Target Field through the end of July. Mauer is getting closer. Perkins is throwing again. They stopped that stupid experiement of bringing Capps in to the game in the 8th inning. Cuddyer is heating up — not on fire yet, but on the right path. Twins are 8-2 in their last 10 games while the Cleveland Indians are 2-8. Imagine that.

    Too bad the Twins are out of it. :)

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