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After what I have heard, I am ready to be a head coach blog [UPDATED]

Published 11:00am Thursday, June 9, 2011 Updated 9:43am Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow, what a weekend here in FF as the Fergus Falls Secondary School graduated another class of seniors.

My brother-in-law, Eddie, will now take the plunge into the college academic world down at the University of Minnesota. Congrats to him and the class of 2011.

On to the sports,

Mark Jackson, former NBA player and ESPN analyst for the NBA, has just been hired as the Golden State Warriors Head Coach. I like listening to Mark Jackson’s announcing and respected him as a player but you can ask the Tampa Bay Lighting and the Detroit Lions how well this idea has worked out. Barry Melrose got canned by the Lighting after only 16 games in 2008 and returned to his post as the “NHL guy” on ESPN. The Lions needed a lot more time to realize the error of their ways as Matt Millen kept the Detroit team on the path to the worst record with his drafts (4 WRs in the first round?) and overall lack of management knowledge. I hope it works out for the Warriors, but my thought is that it won’t. If it does work out, would someone call the T-Wolves and let them know that I am available?

The Mavericks have tied the NBA Finals up at 2 games a piece. Now my personal bias towards the NBA makes me believe that this will go to seven games (Anyone say staged?) and the Heat will win the title. Dirk has carried the Mavs like nearly no other player in NBA history, but the German has about as much of a chance of capturing the title this season as David Stern allows. The only chance we see Nowitzki and Dallas win the trophy is if Dirk continues to have ailments and injuries and still performs at a high level throughout the series.

(Note: I had a revelation that maybe David Stern will allow Dirk to win the title, due to the fact that Miami will more than likely remain a powerhouse for years to come. But than I remember that they have Mark Cuban and that sort of shot that idea. (But maybe since Cuban has remain invisible for most of the season, they will let them win…Nah)).

Terrell Pryor will not be returning to college next year. Good idea, slick. Most of the Buckeye faithful blame you for their coach’s firing and I don’t believe that you are still in their favor. Talks are now that Pryor will go in the NFL supplemental draft, CFL or possibly the UFL. Pryor should have left school for the NFL draft after this past season, but I believe he realized that he might not be drafted until after round 5 if he went this season. If Pryor were to wait until next season, he may have been a 2nd rounder. To use a line from one of my favorite movies, Baseketball, “How much money will Terrell Pryor make in the NFL?” “As much as he made in college?”

Keeping with college football, the NCAA decided that USC didn’t need their 2004 National Championship anymore. The Original Terrell Pryor, Reggie Bush, was deemed ineligible for the games from that season, forcing the Trojans to forfeit the title. Their opponent in the national championship, Oklahoma Sooners, do not want anything to do with the title either. It’s like a game of hot potato, as soon as someone lays claim to it, they will have been found to have broken the rules.

Tiger Woods has dropped out of the U.S. Open. It looks like Jack Nicklaus’ hold on the PGA’s major titles is secure. Woods has not had a good last two years. He might want to take some time-off and heal. I know that his wallet won’t let him do that, but not finishing tournaments has not helped him out. Tiger could do some broadcasting as his statements to the press have definitely proved he is good in front of a camera.

In hockey news, the Bruins were able to comeback from two games down to tie the series. Congrats out their in Boston. You guys might just become as snobbish about winning as New York fans. Not going to say I am against the New England Patriots, but the Celtics are an older version of the Heat (I am not sold on Super teams) and the Red Sox got very arrogant about how good they were (Note: It took them over 80 years to win another World Series after they traded away Babe Ruth). I like the Bruins to win the title, but Vancouver has been tough all season long and will look continue that in game 5.

The Twins are finally rally back. I don’t expect a full out Central Division win, but it is nice to not have to post a losing score everyday. If the Twins do make a run here in the middle months, it might be nice to actually have a Minnesota team to root for. I watched yesterday’s game with the Indians and it was reminiscent of a Sunday game as most of the lineup was of non-starters. That is how injury plagued the Twinkies have been this season. Ben Revere comes up with the game winning hit in the 10th against the Tribe. I am sure glad that are farm system can still produce decent players.

Locally, Fergus Falls sports teams are on a tear. The Otter girls softball team takes on Pipestone Area in their first appearance ever at the state tournament, Jake Anderson takes the court today in his first state tennis appearance, Fergus Track is sending four individuals and two relay teams to the state meet and Taylor Shuck is prepping for the state golf tourney and the Otter baseball team sits in the Section 8AA championship game, looking for their third straight trip to the state tournament. Good Luck to my home town teams!

Well that is it for this blog, I have decided to grow a beard until the NFL and the NFLPA agree on a football season (or until it gets itching, one or the other).



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