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Brothers charged for alleged police officer assault

Published 11:06am Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Updated 11:07am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two brothers were charged Tuesday after they allegedly assaulted a Henning police officer over the weekend.

Joshua Gene Ard, 30, of Perham, and Jeremiah Elwin Ard, 25, of Dent, were charged with fourth degree assault of a peace officer. The Ards are accused of violently resisting arrest for their part in a bar fight in Perham.

Court records state that a Perham police officer and a Henning police officer responded to a fight at the Sud’s Bar in Perham at 2 a.m. on Sunday. When they arrived, they saw a large crowd standing in front of the bar, and they saw the two Ard men taking swings at people in the crowd.

The officers attempted to restrain the two men, focusing on Jeremiah first. Some women allegedly tried to stop the officers from arresting Jeremiah, making it harder to get him under control. Eventually, another Perham officer came in for backup and tried to force Jeremiah to the ground.

Around that time, Jeremiah allegedly punched the Henning officer in the face. Then Joshua allegedly came over to the officer and grabbed him by the neck, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, records state, Jeremiah began jumping on top of the Henning officer.

The officers subdued the two men after that, eventually stunning Jeremiah with a taser, police reported.

Records reported that the Henning officer suffered abrasions to his forehead, right wrist and left knee during the assault, but he was not seriously injured.

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  • dr.walleye

    these ard boys are always getting into fights. its time to put them away for a few years. no more probation or suspended sentences. one of these times they are going to end up killing some one. jeremiah nearly did 5 years ago.

    • lakesnrivers

      hmm, so much for ‘innocent until proven guilty’…

      You must have been there to witness the incident & obviously the older one you mentioned to make such an audacious remark.

      • dr.walleye

        nope, didnt see this one, but the police report tells the story and yes, i did see the other one. he threw a young man on his head on the concrete just because he “thought” the man said something to him. now that is audacious. that same night jeremiah also broke into a ladies home in perham and threatened her and her young son. then he attacked a perham officer answering the call from the lady for help. see a pattern here lakes??? looks like its time for a trip to stillwater. its time for the public to be protected from the ards.

  • lakesnrivers

    I understand this story contains information about two brothers with the same last name but I find it wholly unprofessional that this journalist chose to use both the brothers first names only throughout the entire article.

    Since when has it been acceptable to do this? I believe that standard writing rules require you to continue using their full names. It makes me wonder if this journalist is Biased, or just lazy…

    • Ryan Howard

      Actually, it is typically our writing policy to refer to two people with the same last name by their first name if both names recur frequently in a story. We occasionally alter this policy if it seems like we’re being too casual in a serious story, but it was not our judgment that that was the case on this story.

  • alaina101

    so…docotor walleye, why is it,that you feel both the ards are always getting into fights? and that they deserve to be in prision? they are innocent until proven guilty.

    • dr.walleye

      hey if it was a one time deal then i could give them the benefit of the doubt. but time and time again? plus if you have ever seen any of them at a bar when they are drunk/high you would agree.

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