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Lake protests drug sting at council [UPDATED]

Published 9:51am Friday, June 10, 2011 Updated 11:53am Friday, June 10, 2011

A Fergus Falls resident sometimes seen with signs or an old American Flag on the corner of Lincoln and Union avenues came to the city council meeting on Monday to protest the Operation: Spring Cleanup drug sting.

Joshua Lake read from a lengthy letter during the council’s open forum segment. The letter protested what he called “secret police” and claimed that undercover operations can entice people to commit crimes they might not otherwise have committed. At one point, he pointed out that Jesus spent time with prostitutes and other unsavory people and wondered what a “secret police” dossier would have to say about him.

After exceeding his 5-minute open forum time limit, Lake was cut off by Mayor Hal Leland, but Lake continued to speak loudly, drowning out Leland and Alderman Pat Connelly as they attempted to make him stop.

Finally, he said, “Stop the secret police!” and went back to his seat. He complained briefly that he had a first amendment right to speak before leaving the chamber.

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  • BillSchulz

    Advice to Joshua Lake:
    You do have a right to free speech, and at the same time the Mayor, as presiding officer of the City Council has the right, the obligation, to enforce policies set for the conduct and good order of their meetings. Many of us have gone before the council and written down our thoughts, read them aloud in our homes while timing our delivery, and found ways to trim off some of the more florid passages to get to the heart of the matter. There are few statements which cannot be delivered in five minutes if you carefully prepare and rehearse your statement. You are actually more fortunate than any of us in the past, when we had an “unofficial” limit of two minutes, later formally extended to three minutes. Now five minutes?
    WOW!!! It makes me plan to dust off some of my pet peeves and show up at the council chambers script in hand.
    How generous!
    Second piece of advice: Try reading someone other than just Ron Paul for a slant on the rights of the police to protect a community through seeking out criminals with legitimate sting operations. You won’t find many dope peddlers by hanging out in the social halls of church basements – you have to go where they ply their nefarious trade. Now, I know that I have opened the floodgates of whiney hell from the local dopers by standing with the police in regulating their favorite recreational activities, but I don’t rightly give a hoot if they are offended.

    • ackerjohnson

      I can’t believe I’m saying this…..Bill Schulz is absolutely 100% correct. In case anyone was wondering when Hell would freeze over…it just happened.

  • Mr_Lincoln

    i dont agree with mr lake 100% but he does make some good points.any one who yells at hal leland is okay in my book.

  • just_peachy

    Is Mr. Lake really serious? I agree completely with William Schultz, the council has a duty to keep the meeting running smoothly and on schedule.

    How exactly does Mr. Lake suggest that we catch drug dealers in the community…cruise around in the Otter Express Bus and ask the dealers to please call in their address ahead of time so we can pick them up???? Does he have a problem with security cameras in stores…that seems to be kind of sneaky and secret, or how about K-9 units, those darn pups can sniff out the best hiding spots and that’s not fair right????????

    In the end I think that it comes down to the fact that if you have nothing to hide you don’t object to the fact that the police are DOING THEIR JOB in trying to rid the community of the parasites. My advice to Mr. Lake would be to get rid of your stash and quit watching old CIA/KGB movies from Netflix because they are making you pretty paranoid!


    take a look at the Netherlands if you want solutions on drug and crime policies.
    very low crime rates and just about everything is legal there.
    how can you argue against that?


    as for Bill Schultz stereotyping drug dealers, for your info, most drug addicts are Christian, atheists are intelligent enough to know better, and are completely aware that no God is coming to save them if they sit around frying their brains on all manner of substance as the bible assures Christians they can.

    King James Bible Mark 16:18
    They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


    also bear in mind that Josh Lake is extremely Christian, so Christian in fact that He’s willing to stick to what He believes is right regardless of this communities attacks on Him for doing so.

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