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Teeing Off with a Pro: How to become a target focused player [UPDATED]

Published 11:00am Thursday, June 9, 2011 Updated 8:43am Thursday, June 9, 2011

There are basically three types of golfers. The most common is the swing focused player.

This golfer is only concerned about his preflight checklist and making sure he hits the all right positions. You can spot this player by the way the setup over the ball and just freeze for what seems like hours as they review all the positions they want to get to.

The next most common player I see is the ball focused player. This golfer only wants to make contact. You can tell this person by the way they set up over the ball without ever looking at the target or even a thought of where they want it to go.

The final golfer, and the one I want all my students to become is the target focused golfer. Being target focused is an extremely important part of playing golf well. This golfer really SEES the target. They consider the swing only in how they want to get the ball to the target, they consider the ball only in how it is lying and will affect the shot. A target focused golfer picks small targets and is determined to hit them.

It is hard to be a target focused golfer when you are in the middle of a swing change. If you are going to play while making a swing change, I recommend forgetting about the swing changes and focusing on the target. Save the swing work for the range.

Once you become a target focused golfer you will be surprised at the consistency you develop in your swing. That is why I highly recommend that every time you practice you take some time for drills and some time hitting real shots on the range. Spend time with good consistent practice and you will see how much being focused on the target helps your game.

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