Fireworks fight ends in stabbing

Published 11:10am Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Fergus Falls men were arrested Monday night for their alleged roles in the stabbing of another man on the 300 block of Alcott Avenue.

Police reported that the 30-year-old stabbing victim, who lives in the area, was unhappy because he believed people were shooting fireworks at his house. Around 11:30 p.m., he confronted one set of neighbors about the fireworks before moving on to another house, this one occupied by brothers Brian Christopher Gilbuena, 33, and Cody Kenneth Sundvor, 23.

Witnesses reported that voices were raised and a fight ensued near the residence. During the fight, the man was allegedly stabbed in the side at least once. Police are still investigating the number of stab wounds, but they said it appears that Gilbuena is the brother who allegedly wielded the knife.

The stabbing victim was taken to Lake Region Hospital. The brothers were both arrested for second degree assault.

  • Jennifer


  • Get-it-Right

    I find it interesting how they make the victim sound like he was storming around accusing every neighbor before he found the correct one…if someone was shooting bottle rockets at my house, I would definitely go out and have a word with them, especially if I have young children living in the household. Also he was stabbed in the neck AND the side…wouldn’t that constitute 1st degree assault instead of second? What is wrong with this town’s police station when it comes to getting charges right?

    • Shannon

      I in no way condone what has happened and feel for the victim however unless you were there you have no clue what happened you have hear say. There are always 2 sides to every story and details that are left out. I know both people and there has been a long history of negative tension between the two of them for over 5 years. The reality of the sistuation was he did not get the correct neighbor it was the neighbor a few doors down but because of the tension they automatically went at each other. They both need to grow up and get over it. The only people who are getting hurt are the families involved that would be my family and his. There are young children in both homes and is it fair for them to grow up this way? I am pretty sure not! There were bad decisions made by all parties involved.

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