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Twins Stand Pat

Published 8:43pm Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well it looks like we were all wrong about the buy or sell for the Twins at the trade deadline. They did neither as they stood pat on what they have.

They seem to think this is a team that can win the division and be successful in the playoffs so they didn’t want to trade anyone. They said they will be looking at the waiver wire so who knows what can be had there. The additions they seem to think will help is getting everyone healthy and hitting like they used to.

I assume the waiver wire will be used to find some relief help but the whole thing leaves me a little confused on what their future plans are. With Kubel, Cuddyer, and Nathan all free agents, are the Twins going to lose them in the winter with nothing in return?

The only trade rumors flying around involved Denard Span going to Washington for their closer Drew Storen. Seems the Nationals didn’t want to give up Storen but offered their setup guy Tyler Clippard whose stats look better than Storen without the saves. Had the Twins settled for Clippard, who is a strikeout relief pitcher, and had been able to land second baseman Steve Lombardozzi I would have jumped at it. Clippard looks like he could be a closer or a great setup guy and Lombardozzi, yes he is the son of former Twin by the same name, looks like a can’t miss middle infielder.

This trade would have helped the Twins not only in the future but in the present. Clippard would have been a great addition to the bullpen and Lombardozzi could have settled in at second with Casilla moving back to shortstop and getting the non productive Nishioka out of the lineup. But rumors are what they are and maybe Washington didn’t offer these two guys for Span.

I would be curious to know what other clubs were offering the Twins for Kubel, Cuddyer, and Nathan and even Thome. We may never know and I heard that nobody wanted Delmon Young so maybe nobody wanted anyone from the Twins. I know that we have nobody in the minor leagues that would entice anyone to make any kid of trade. I have said it before, the Twins have always over valued their minor leaguers and now I think they may over value their Major Leaguers.

Detroit and Cleveland did make moves to improve themselves so it will be a tough battle for the Twins the rest of the year. I do think that Cleveland may have over paid for Ubaldo Jimenez. They gave up a lot of good prospects for him which is the type of deal I was hoping the Twins would make, trading a veteran for some good prospects.

-I’m not sure that I have ever commented on the Vikings acquiring Donavan McNabb. I have never been a real big McNabb fan and would have like to have seen Christian Ponder get his chance. But hopefully McNabb will come through.

Neither quarterback will succeed without a good offensive line. The Vikings may have helped in that department by getting Charlie Johnson from the Colts.

  • Dean

    Yep, kinda the “Twin’s way”…when in doubt, do nothing. While I’ve never been a SpanFan, I don’t think the Nats trade would have done much good. Another relief pitcher isn’t going to be the missing piece(s). What the Twins need desperately is a SS that can hit… preferably with a little pop. Oh yeah, we had that last year (Hardy), and before that (Bartlett). Not sure what the thought process was on letting those guys get away. ???

    Delmon Young = hopeless. If Span proves able to keep playing, I look for Revere to get some time in LF.

    Nishioka…. sigh… polar opposite of what is needed at SS.

    The Twin’s front office doesn’t believe that this team has any chance whatsoever to win the division… moves or no moves. I think they just want to stand pat, and let Morneau get a few games in and see how he looks, coast through the rest of the season, and then see what they can do over the winter.

  • Tracy Mitchell

    The word was that talks were fast and furious for the Twins front office the last 10 days. It could just be smoke, but I doubt it, given Billy Smith’s record. Being on the outside, its hard to draw conclusions, but personally, I’m glad the Twins didn’t make any dumb moves just to do something. Twins scouting has historically been pretty good and they apparently favored Storen over Clippard. Trading Span would have been a high price and unless they got exactly what they wanted I’m glad they didn’t pull the trigger on that one. It was a real treat seeing Span back in the lineup last night. I’m glad he’s still a Twin.

    Question – will McNabb in purple most resemble: (1) Randall Cunningham, (2) Wade Wilson, (3) Archie Manning, (4) Brett Farve – 1st year, (4) Brett Farve – 2nd year, (5) Jim McMann, (5) Gary Cuozzo, or (6) Spyrgeon Wynn?

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