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Published 9:27am Saturday, October 1, 2011

I haven’t rambled about anything for awhile so it’s about time. We have the baseball playoffs going on, football has started, hockey is about to start, and the Lynx are in the playoffs. So here we go.

-The movie “Moneyball” is out there and I have yet to see it. I am going to try and get to it but just haven’t found the time yet. One interesting thing I read was that the author of the book almost wrote the book about the Twins and Terry Ryan but then decided to go with Billy Beane and the A’s. Sabermetrics, the new way to look at statistics, is a big part of moneyball.  And like I have said before it’s just another tool to use but I don’t get too excited about it. When it is all said and done if you are going to win and win consistently you need pitching. Without pitching you go nowhere.

-I still like Jerry Kill. I hope he can get help with what ails him because I still think he will make a good coach. He is working with what Brewster recruited and as we have seen he wasn’t very good at it.

-I am having a hard time watching the Vikings. It’s not just because they can’t seem to play in the second half, although it is frustrating. I can watch a team struggle if they are giving 100% or can at least make the game enjoyable to watch. I cannot get excited to watch Donavan McNabb. I now see why the Redskins got rid of him. Wow, what a boring quarterback this guy is. He looks like he is phoning it in. I would much rather see Ponder or Webb start at quarterback at least they are exciting. I here Webb might be given a chance to be a wide receiver, that would be interesting.

-I think the Phillies will win the World Series. They have the pitching and like I said earlier that is what you need. Anything can happen in the playoffs though and I am personally rooting for the Brewers and the Tigers to get in, although it really doesn’t matter as long as the Yankees are not in it. Watch out for the Diamond backs and the Rays as they have been hot.

-I am very causiously optimistic about the Wild this year. They have been like the Twins of this year the past couple of years as they have been painful to watch. They finally got some scorers on the team so I am hopeful for a fun season to watch.

-The Lynx is the only Minnesota pro team that seems to be doing anything. The team is stacked with super stars which if they were a men’s pro team with those stars they would be the talk of the sports world. The beauty of this team is that they play together, they are very unselfish, which a lot of men’s teams could learn from. Like in baseball with pitchers, a basketball team needs a good point guard to lead the team and the Lynx have one of the best in Lindsay Whalen. She is a very unselfish player, great ball handler, and better yet, a great leader.

-I like the new coach for the Timberwolves. Adleman has a great record and he comes in with no promises but just says they will work hard. I like that. The Wolves have a lot of talent and I think this is the guy to bring that out. Now if there just was a season.

  • Randy Larson

    Hey, I’m gonna ramble too!

    I’ve been watching playoff baseball and I really am enjoying watching big league hitting again after watching the Twins this year. The Rays and Rangers are just a treat to watching. They are aggressive at the plate but get quality at-bats anyway.

    The last day of the season was sure a treat. I happened to be watching as the Red Sox folded and the Rays didn’t. I heard that the odds of the same events happening to the Sox were in the many millions-to-one area. What a treat! It has been pointed out that if Selig has his way and another wild-card team is added, the entire thrilling last day of the season this year would have been moot.

    The Gophers coach is a good coach and over time the Gophers will be competitive but at this time, they are at the level of NDSU and SDSU. The Gophers have to reruit differently than the Bison, and it really hurts them. They are stuck in a warp where to compete against the big guys, they have to recruit size and speed first, then hope the player is a winner. NDSU recruits speed and as much size as they can get, but overall, they look for that kid who is a winner. You know the kind of kid who is just plain better than everyone else but because of size or speed, the big boys don’t want them. The Bison have lots of those players. The Gophers only have a couple. But I expect Kill can get them back being competitive in the Big Ten. He and his staff have always been winners.

    Anyone else think that the football played at the major colleges is alot more fun to watch than the NFL? Those Saturday games and especially the Saturday nite games are just plain fun to watch.

    The Vikings this year remind me of just how hard it is to win a game. You’d think it’d be a 50/50 chance of winning but it is just so hard. Every game is an absolute struggle to the end for just about every team.

    Watched the Lynx a few games this year on TV, those ladies are just plain winners. The shooting in the WBA is excellent. They should teach the NBA how to shoot free throws.

    Since I’ve used “treat” so much in this entry, I am allowed one more. Tom, it’s a treat to read your blog. Thanks for doing it.

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