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The Lynx Win One For Minnesota!

Published 4:22pm Monday, October 10, 2011

  We have been saying all year that the only pro team in Minnesota that was any good was the Minnesota Lynx the women’s basketball team. They proved they were good as they are the WNBA Champions now. So good job gals!!!

  Anyone who says the women aren’t that much fun to watch either hasn’t watched the women’s game in recent years, or just has it in their heads that the women are not that good. During this playoff run I have seen some of the best passing that you can see in as basketball game. I only hope Ricky Rubio can do the things Lindsey Whalen has been able to do. I have seen these gals drive the basket and look like they were going to get hammered but from somewhere the ball comes out of their hands and finds the basket. Some of the play has been amazing and very entertaining.

  This is a team that should contend again next year. They have enough talent that if this were a man’s team they would be all over the sports news. Women’s sports have advanced a lot over the years and should get more credit.

  -Wow, the Vikings won on Sunday. I suppose we shouldn’t get too excited as the Cardinals were not that good a team. But Adrian Peterson was fun to watch as was Jared Allen Brian Robison and the entire defense so the game was more entertaining.

  It may not make much deference in the team, but I would like to see Ponder start at quarterback. He is the team’s future and I don’t think we will make the playoffs so this may be a good time to let him play. Personally, I just don’t like watching McNabb play. He just is not an entertaining quarterback and he hasn’t played all that well even in the victory on Sunday.

  I am not as down on the Vikings as I was early about the Twins, at least not yet. The Vikings haven’t been out of any of the games they have played, but they do have 4 defeats and the Packers look pretty good and the Lions aren’t bad either so with the slow start it may be difficult to make the playoffs this year.

   -The Wild looked good in their win on Saturday scoring four goals. They also were entertaining to watch as they skated faster than they have ever skated as a team. It should be a fun year barring any injuries like the Twins had this year. The Wild finally has lots of offensive potential, not just on one line either.

   -Watching the baseball playoffs I think it proves that you have to have pitching to get there and to continue. The Phillies had the best pitching and didn’t win, but the Cardinals have good pitching and they were hot coming in, so even though that was an upset, the Cardinals still had the pitching.

    This is where the Twins are weak. Since Santana the Twins have not had that one guy to carry them and if you watch the teams in the playoffs, they had more than one guy. So If the Twins are to improve, pitching may be a spot to spend some money this winter.

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