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World Series Thoughts

Published 10:36am Saturday, October 29, 2011

  The baseball season officially ended with the Cardinals finishing off the Texas Rangers in seven games of the World Series. It was an interesting Series for me because I was a big Cardinal fan back in the 60’s so they still have a soft spot in my heart but I love Ron Washington which goes back to when he played for the Twins. So it was hard for me to pick a team to root for but I was pulling slightly for the Rangers so I am a little disappointed.

   All in all it was a good World Series although I would not call it a classic as some media people have said. Anytime the Series goes to seven games it makes it exciting and since this is the first seven game Series for awhile I suppose it made it a little more exciting.

   I don’t like to be nit picking, aw but maybe I do, but it really wasn’t a really well played Series. It had Lots of errors, lots of walks, and some poor managing at times. The sixth game, which some media people are now calling one of the best, was full of all of the above. The seventh game was not exciting at all so even though the media types have said it will go down in history as one of the best, I respectfully disagree.

   Now that I have the nit picking out of the way, the Series didn’t lack for entertainment qualities. Some games were close and Pujols had that three homer game and it was heartwarming to see the home town boy does good, Brian Freese, do well and become MVP. Although the infamous sixth game wasn’t a fundamentally good game it was very entertaining to watch, especially for Cardinal and Ranger fans. By the way this reminds me of some media types again saying that if the Yankees or Red Sox are not in the Series that nobody cares. I do not agree with that at all. For the fans of the two teams playing that is an insult and it really is an insult to baseball fans in general. I love watching the World Series no matter who is playing and I work where I talk to a lot of people and most of them talked about the games from the night before. The only ones who say these games are not important are the Red Sox fans and Yankee fans.

   The other interesting thing about this World Series is that Nick Punto, not to mention Kyle Lohse, now has a World Series ring. Oh the horror but I guess this is the season of Halloween so freaky, scary things do happen. For someone like Little Nicky Punto getting a World Series ring and guys like Ernie Banks never even getting a chance to play in one, doesn’t seem right. But then that’s what makes baseball so indearing to us all.


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  • Tracy Mitchell

    Nice comments. Most of the games were competative, and the drama was good. But I agree that the series was not well played. The Classic did not showcase good fielding, good baserunning, good fundamentals, or good pitching. The hitting, though, was special. It seemed like the batting orders were Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Tommy Gunn.

    I did get a little tired of hearing about the nagging injuries of Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton. Maybe I’m still bitter that the recent Twins never had the heart of their order intact and healthy for the playoffs.

    McCarver held form by throwing out several gems per game. Runner-up honors go to his calling Punto “Alex Punto”. First place is reserved for his classic “You have to fight the temptation to think too much.”

    I’m happy for Punto & Lohse. Nickie, to the best of his ability, earned his ring. Lohse, bless his heart, has done everything that Duncan told him to do. With a reputation as not being particularly coachable with the Twins, he extended his career by being a devoted disciple. More power to him.

    I think the Pohlads should open the purse strings for Albert Pujols. He wouldn’t cost more than 4-5 of the 28 Texas S&L’s that the government gave them. Him or Parmalee.

    Comments by the “media types” that nobody cares about the WS unless the Yankees or Red Sox are playing are a bit
    specious and should generally be disregarded. Those comments come from people that grew up on the east coast and retain a provincial view of the sports world. Like a Twin Cities guy saying the MN State HS Hockey Tournament isn’t good without Edina and White Bear Lake.

    Four excellent section championship FB games at the Fargo Dome on Friday. Too bad I have such a prick for a boss.

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