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Passerby saves Dalton home

Published 10:54am Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Dalton Fire Chief is crediting a passerby with helping save a rural Dalton home from burning down late Tuesday morning.

The Daryl and Vickie Bergerson residence, located at 13685 County Highway 35, a couple of miles south of Dalton, received moderate damage in what fire officials believe may have been a chimney fire. But it could have been much worse, they said.

Though there were people at home during the fire, the fire was primarily located on the outside of the house. The fire was first noticed around 11:40 a.m. by Dalton resident Dean Sonmor as he drove by the home. He stopped and notified Vickie Bergerson, and the two called 911 and then turned a garden hose on the flames, containing the fire until firefighters arrived.

“If he hadn’t done that, we probably would have lost the house,” Dalton Fire Chief Eric Mounts said of Sonmor’s actions. “He did an excellent job.”

It is believed the fire started in the chimney before spreading to an outside wall of the home, also burning part of the deck. Firefighters were on the scene for about three hours, but they managed to stop the fire before it caused too much damage to the building’s interior.

Though there is a bit of smoke damage inside, the house is still habitable.

Fergus Falls and Ashby fire departments also responded to the fire.

  • fargorunner

    Good Job Dean!! Good neighbor.

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