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Published 11:31am Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have been commenting on the Twins a lot and they aren’t even in season and I know there are other things going on like the Vikings so today some thoughts on that and a few other things.


I have not been emotionally involved with the Vikings sinceAtlantakicked the field goal and our guy missed his in the playoffs. I have remained a fan, but after so many years of high expectations only to have them shattered, I just couldn’t take that emotional involvement anymore. Like I said though, I still am a fan and I still watch.


This past Sunday I found myself emotionally involved again, at least a little bit. I really wanted the Vikings to end this Tebowmania thing and every time it looked like they were going to pull it out they let the Broncos back in. I admit I yelled and cussed at the TV a few times during the game and I haven’t done that for a number of years. You may need to know that my wife was not at home at the time.


Coach Frazier said after the game there was no excuse for the play of the defensive secondary and boy do I echo that! I understand that the Vikings have hit the injury bug in that area and I understand that the talent may not be there and I will accept them getting beat athletically, but they have no excuse for blown coverage’s and to do that many times during the game. Tebow is getting way more credit for winning this game than he deserves but my 92 year old father who can’t see very well could have found the wide open receivers that Tebow found. I mean if Tebow could not have hit these standing all alone receivers then he should be sent home packing. Tebow did not win this game, the Vikings lost it.


I feel sorry for the Viking defensive lineman and linebackers. I think they are not playing that bad and I think the linebackers are being held back on what they can do because they have to cover for the secondary. Jared Allen has had a great year and at one point in Sundays game I read his lips on the side lines talking to Chad Greenway and he was saying something about how were they getting so wide open. It has to be frustrating.


The other day I heard on a Twin Cities sports talk radio show that one guy said he would take Tim Tebow over Christian Ponder. He said Ponder was making too many mistakes. Ponder is making some rookie mistakes yes, but most Viking fans expected that. It’s what first year quarterbacks do, and he certainly isn’t the only one to go through tough times. There is no way I trade Ponder for Tebow and this does not mean I am a Tebow basher. I think Ponder is more athletically gifted for that position, meaning he has more attributes at the quarterback position than Tebow does. This is a passing game now in the NFL and Ponder is more geared for that than Tebow.


Tebow is doing a good job of not making mistakes that hurt his team like Trent Dilfer did a few years ago. Both Tebow and Dilfer have benefited from a good solid defense who usually keeps the score low enough for the team to squeak out wins. Tebow is a run quarterback and was great in college where that still is a way to play but don’t let his success passing on Sunday fool you, like I said that was more of a lousy job the Viking secondary was doing.


What Tebow has over Ponder, and I think Ponder will get there, is in leadership. The guy may be a throw back to the old Viking Joe Kapp. Kapp didn’t look very good either at the quarterback position but he was a leader and they won. Kapp was also the beneficiary of a great defense like Tebow. Kapp, however, did not last long. He did hold out and sign with the Patriots but never won again and I don’t think he would have won again with the Vikings so he was not a long term solution at the position and neither is Tebow.


Tebow has also been hauled on the carpet for his religious beliefs and how he expresses it. I may surprise at least on reader out there, but I see nothing wrong with it and it is getting a little over blown by people. Tebow isn’t the first person to profess his faith before interviews and he won’t be the last. I will say I don’t care for it as I personally don’t like people pushing their beliefs on me, but I will not bash them for it as it is their right. I was a big fan of Mohammad Ali and had to live through his thanking Mohammed and Allah before he would continue an interview after a match. It would be interesting to see how some who madly support Tebow and his convictions would respond if he was of another faith rather than Christian.


I have a much harder time listening to people pray that they win the game or say afterwards that they won because God, Allah, Buddha, or whatever is on their side. I really don’t think in the scheme of things the game is all that important especially there are people with faith on the losing team


-I know there is a lot to talk about with the baseball Winter Meetings going on and the Twins have done a couple of things, but I will wait until the meetings are over before I write on the current Twins situations.


-I know I am not supposed to write about the Wild, but they too have been hit by the injury bug that seems to be plaguingMinnesotasports this year. The only difference is that the players they have been calling up to fill in have done a great job so far. It’s something the Twins and the Vikings have not gotten out of their call ups.


-My son, Ben, works again atParadeIceGardensinMinneapolisand one of his co-workers is the son of former Gopher Noel Jenke. Jenke was the first athlete in UM history to letter in three sports lettering in football, hockey, and baseball and was the first to be drafted by teams in three professional sports. He played pro football with the Vikings, Falcons and Packers and played Minor League baseball for the Red Sox after he was their number one draft choice. Jenke was fromOwatonnaand was a room mate at the UM with Dick Enderle who was the only professional athlete to come out of my old high school inElbowLake.



  • Omniumgatherum

    look…the Vikings are in this philosophical arena…there is always…next week…next month….next year….

  • Randy Larson

    Tebow didn’t have much to do with the Vikes loss last week, inept defensive backfields did. Eden Prairie’s defensive backfield could’ve played better and Eden Prairie’s qb could’ve thrown those touchdowns. I am thoroughly mystified why people are up in arms about his display of his beliefs. We are subjected to many celebrity’s beliefs (or lack thereof), he is harmless, especially when comparing him to the Lions and their total lack of discipline. I have never seen a team so in need of some principles to live by.

    I think it’s time to jump on the Wild’s bandwagon, how about it Tracy?

    Dick Enderle, at the fair this past year, to award a trivia prize, I asked the question of a large group of senior citizens “who was the only pro football player from Grant County” and I was stunned that only a couple people knew the answer and that they didn’t even know for sure how to pronounce his name. And there were quite a few there from Wendell! I think it’s time for some Enderle education. I’d like to know more. What do you know?

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