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Meinhover enjoys simple life at Grass Roots Farm in Ottertail

Published 9:31am Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Updated 11:32am Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The rural setting with Grass Roots at the Farm, north of Ottertail, fits owner Tom Meinhover just fine. The 1962 graduate of Perham High School is content to serve customers who come to his farm to purchase apple trees, landscape materials, herbs, vegetables, potted flowers, tomato plants and various gifts.

“We also pride ourselves with many seminars held here at the farm,” said Meinhover. “This place is great, and you don’t walk on any concrete. I’ll be the last person to die from stress.”

That’s different from where his wife, Debbie, operates a showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart in the Twin Cities. She travels back and forth from Ottertail as well as traveling all across Minnesota.

“I enjoy the quiet outdoor spaces near Ottertail,” said Meinhover. “We have no cars or traffic, but we do have the din of bird noises.”

Meinhover says that Grass Roots at the Farm is much more than a place to shop.

“By visiting us, a customer creates an event along with friends and relatives,” said Meinhover. “We’ve been in the flower business for over 30 years, and we’ve learned to have something for everyone.”

He has 515 varieties of flowers, 78 varieties of tomatoes and 82 varieties of herbs. As for flowers, he says that customers can keep refreshing their containers with flowers all summer long. Flowers don’t go away after spring sales at Grass Roots at the Farm.

“Herbs delight the senses while creating art in your life and lifestyle,” said Meinhover. “As for SupHerbs, I emphasize bridging your culinary art and skills with visual art to sustain your body, mind and spirit.”

Meinhover enjoys giving personal design help to his customers. He urges people to check out the list of items that Grass Roots is looking for, at the silo bulletin board.

“I encourage people to barter with us for plants and nursery items,” said














Visitors receive a map and brochure. On the grounds are green houses, an area for shady perennials and shrubs, a garden center, an education building for seminars, an onion field, apple orchard, old Meinhover farmhouse dating back to 1893, and other sections of the complex that make Grass Roots at the Farm an interesting and enjoyable place to visit.

“Take your time and savor the different things to see,” said Meinhover. “Stop at the Shade and Ornamental Tree. We have a very good selection for your planting. Then walk over to the nursery east of the Garden Center and silo.”

He also recommends that people visit the Herb House.

“Pick some leaves off the plants, crush them in your fingers and sample the aromas. There are 50 different smells in this wonderful garden of Herbs. Learn to use herbs. It’s not that hard.”

Meinhover believes in a simpler life but can keep a fast pace in almost any conversation.

“We nuture people in the same way we nuture our plants,” he said. “Come and enjoy the ambiance of good company.”

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