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M & M Bucket Cake [UPDATED]

Published 9:41am Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Updated 9:45am Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My oldest daughter is an M & M addict.  Her senior pictures were taken with M & M’s; her graduation party had an M & M theme!  So, when her 19th birthday rolled around and I saw a picture of a cake like this on Pinterest – I just couldn’t resist!


Not only was it simple to make – she loved it!  I can see where you can very easily use this cake with themes – like Easter – use pastel M & M’s.  Or another type of candy that your recipient might enjoy – like Skittles!


You can put any kind of cake inside that you like.  We had chocolate, with chocolate frosting – but with Skittles you could do fruity jello cake!


Be creative and enjoy!


M & M Bucket Cake


1 – cake flavor of your choice,  either from scratch or a boxed mix

baked in two 9” round pans

2 – store bought containers of your choice of frosting flavor; or homemade

1 – large 3 pound bag of M & M’s, (or more if you eat them while you bake)

10-12 – Kit Kat bars (I bought a multi-pack at a local store, you need about 40

individual pieces)

Ribbon of your choice to hold it steady




Bake your cake in two 9” round pans; remove from pans and cool.


When the cake is completely cool; lay one cake round on a large platter.  Spread frosting on top.  Place next cake on top and frost completely around and on top.  Don’t be skimpy with frosting on the sides of cake – that is what holds the Kit Kat pieces in place!


Line the Kit Kat pieces around the outside of cake.  Press in just enough to get them to stay in place.  Tie a ribbon around the cake.


Put the M & M’s on top until the “bucket” looks full.  You can put some along the outside of the cake, as well.

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