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Daughter saves dad, takes him to prom

Published 11:28am Monday, April 30, 2012 Updated 8:27am Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many memories are made at prom for high school students. What you wore, what you ate for dinner, and who you went with. Fergus Falls Senior Danae Rodriguez will always remember prom as a special evening as she asked her dad, Tim Ebert, to be her date.

On Dec. 13, Danae and her family were driving to the Minneapolis Airport to catch a plane to Key West, Fla., for the wedding of her sister, Jenny.

A blown front passenger tire changed their lives as it caused their car to flip four times before coming to a stop.

After the car stopped, Danae realized that her dad was seriously injured. Tim had broken his neck in several places and had a large gash in his head that had severed an artery. Danae’s mom, Karen Ebert, a registered nurse, was in the backseat but only sustained minor injuries.

Acting fast, Danae was able to take pillow casings from the back and started to pack the wound to Tim’s head until help could arrive.

“She was my angel,” Tim said. “She saved my life.”

Tim would spend several weeks in the hospital, first in St. Cloud, before being moved to PioneerCare Rehabilitation in Fergus Falls.

During the next few months, Danae and Tim’s relationship grew closer as Tim continued to improve. Around this time Danae made the decision to ask her dad to prom.

On the day of the prom, Danae and Tim took photos, before Danae went out to dinner with friends. Tim, Karen and Jenny all went out to dinner and met Danae for Grand March at the school.

Before heading to the dance, Danae and her family went to Dairyland for some ice cream and talked about their plans for the rest of the evening.

“I was really touched,” Karen said. “She made a lot of memories that she will remember the rest of her life.”

Danae’s prom night ended like most for Fergus Falls students as she went to the Otter Tail County Fairgrounds Arena, while dad and mom chaperoned the event.

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