Rose Saul, from Fergus Falls, wanted to join the Army since she was only thirteen! Back then she only wanted to be in the band, but began looking into West Point when she was a junior in high school. Encouraged by her parents, Rose applied and was accepted to participate in the West Point Summer Leadership Seminar. She spent a week on campus and admits that she ‘fell in love with the academy.’ “West Point felt more comfortable to me than any of the other colleges I had visited even with all of its strict rules and regulations,” Rose smiled. “I know that God has gifted me with certain talents and I wanted to be able to use them to the utmost degree. I also feel that serving one’s country is a duty of every citizen. I am no better than any of the thousands of men and women who have selflessly protected and stood guard for our country, and I cannot think of anything better than to be a part of the fight for freedom, a very expensive commodity.”

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Rose Saul

Published 7:23am Thursday, May 10, 2012 Updated 7:58am Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are there challenges? “Every day! The academy has a perpetual habit of finding whatever area is your weakest and zeroing in on it. Personally, one of mine is running. I just hate it and living in the Appalachian Mountains doesn’t help!”

But Rose’s experiences also create so many positive memories: “I have tons of fun. Life around here is very fast paced and constantly in a state of flux. One of the constant sources of fun for me is the Cadet Spirit Band. Completely run by cadets we travel around the country playing for the football team and tailgaters in the fall and in the spring we play at various Army sporting events including basketball, boxing, hockey and rugby. For me, the band is my closest group of friends and always the highlight of my day!”

A sophomore at West Point, Cadet Saul is now finishing her general classes and will begin her major next fall. After graduation she will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, the lowest ranking officer. Rose will serve five years of active duty and three years inactive duty to pay back her schooling. “I would like to commission into the Army Chemical Corps, but I only put in my preferences. What I actually branch is dependent on my class ranking, etc. I am an Environmental Geography major. Everything at West Point is more advanced than most colleges since West Point was originally an engineering school.”

Cadet Saul inspires future participants: “As a student at West Point, I am receiving an education comparable to Harvard or Yale. In the military if you have an interest in something, you have the opportunity to develop it. You will receive top-of-the-line training in your specialty. These range from being an infantry rifle man to being an x-ray laboratory technician to firing off rounds from a tank. You get to travel all over the country and you share a unique link with everyone else that has or will serve in our armed forces.”

She added, “The history of West Point inspires me. Knowing that I am walking the same path as many of our nation’s greatest leaders and heroes is something that every cadet has to stop and consider from time to time. It is a place where the past, present and future collide.”

We are all very proud of your service, strength and dedication, Cadet Saul! WE SALUTE YOU!


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