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RTC task force closing in on a marketer

Published 11:02am Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Updated 11:14am Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After lots of work in the last few weeks, the Regional Treatment Center marketing task force expects to have narrowed down a list of potential marketers the council could hire to help promote the building.

“The group is being pretty diligent at working through the process,” said task force member Anthony Hicks.

Since the task force last addressed the council on June 4, it has completed an updated informational booklet about the RTC that gives potential marketers and developers an overview of information they would need when considering getting involved with the project.

“We’ve already started making phone calls and following up on that,” Hicks noted.

Hicks mentioned eight different marketers/developers contacted by the task force, including firms that have worked on large-scale Minnesota projects, firms that have worked on historic sites and at least one firm that has worked on other Kirkbride buildings across the country.

That firm, John G. Waite and Associates, told the group that the city is working with a lot of potential, as the Fergus Falls Kirkbride is in much better shape than some others are.

Some of the firms contacted by the group are interested in follow-up; others don’t see the building as part of their future. Still others are still being reached out to by the group, but Hicks said the group should know more about the “finalists” by the July 2 city council meeting.

The task force also completed preliminary design on a “for sale” sign to be placed on RTC grounds. That is expected to go up soon.

The task force also may organize trips for the city council to the Kirkbride complexes in Fergus Falls and Willmar. The council’s availability is pending.

“This group has worked very hard and I’m proud of the work that they’ve done and I think there’s some real possibilities out there,” said Otter Tail County Historical Society Executive Director and task force member Chris Schuelke.

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