Journal file photo The filming of “Geist” was recently completed on the Fergus Falls RTC campus.

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Filming done, editing begins for RTC movie

Published 11:01am Friday, July 6, 2012 Updated 11:01am Friday, July 6, 2012

It’s a wrap for now at the Regional Treatment Center, as the filmmakers of “Geist” concluded shooting for the psychological thriller film in the building on Sunday. Yet to come is a long editing process that director Eric Dunn hopes will lead to the film getting released by Halloween 2013.

“It’s still an unwritten goal of mine,” he said. “I’d like to get it done sooner, but… I’ve (made) films before that have dates, and they always get done later.”

Dunn was very busy during the last half of June, often working 12-hour shooting schedules followed by lengthy uploading and viewing processes. Still, he was very enthusiastic about his opportunity to make “Geist” in the RTC.

“It’s a filmmaker’s dream because honestly I could shoot another two films here and never come across the same places,” he said.

He also praised the actors and crew, most of them from Fergus Falls and the surrounding area. He noted that in a recent conversation with the film’s star Danny Lopez, Lopez had echoed the sentiment.

“(He said) in his 25 years of working, he’s never had a more positive, upbeat experience working with actors,” Dunn reported.

The packed shooting schedule was a necessity. Lopez arrived later than originally planned, and Dunn wanted to get as much good footage as possible out of the building in his two-and-a-half-week span. He currently plans to come back to the building with the principal actors in September for four to seven days of additional shooting (some extras might also be needed for one scene).

Now that the main chunk of principal photography is complete, Dunn is engaged in editing the pieces of the film together, a process that will also involve completing a few special effects sequences.

“That can take anywhere from three months to a year,” said Dunn.

After that, the movie will undergo color correction, sound editing and scoring (a few local artists may be included on the soundtrack). Dunn hopes to have a rough edit of the film in six months.

No matter when the film comes out, Dunn is glad he got to shoot a film at the RTC and in the community. He views “Geist” as a product of talents of Fergus Falls and the surrounding area, and he thanked everyone involved for their enthusiasm.

“The community has been a fantastic area to … make something like this happen,” he said.

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