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Health care law a snoozer

Published 8:20am Monday, July 2, 2012 Updated 12:22pm Monday, July 2, 2012

As I was perusing a statewide website, I saw lots of stuff about the health care law following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it.

However, almost by instinct, instead of delving into the multi-thousand word essays on the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision, I instead chose to click on … the fact that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to get a divorce after only five years of marriage.

I know, I know. I should really care about how this new health care bill will affect me, but, what is it with these Hollywood types anyway? Wasn’t it Cruise who was only a few years ago jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch in pure joy over meeting the love of his life? So much for that. Five years and a 6-year-old daughter later, and, pffft, done.

OK, so back to the all-important health care bill, the one I should be caring so much about.

So the Supreme Court decided to uphold the law, which Tea Party conservatives are arguing is a problem because we are going to force everyone to buy health insurance. OK, but how does this affect me? I already have health insurance, as does my wife (who, unlike Cruise, I’m still married to) and child. My rates may go up, but they haven’t yet. I’m told that they will, but I’ll have to click on another story to get into the gory details of why they will…

Wait, the Wolves want to trade for Pau Gasol? But why would they want to do that? I mean, they’ve got this dynamic core with Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, and they want to give up a young dynamic player in Derek Williams for a thirty-something dude with a massive contract? I don’t get it.

Right. So based on what I read, as the manager of a business, I should care about the health care bill, because the law imposes fines on employers that do not offer coverage. However, companies with fewer than 50 workers are exempt, and The Journal has fewer than 50 workers and it offers health insurance coverage, and that means most small businesses will not have to worry about the mandate. It also means an employee who maybe decided to forego health insurance no longer has that right. I guess I’ll have to click on another story to see what the Supreme Court’s rationale was in deciding that it was OK to force individuals to get health insurance…

Will you look at that? The cute English singer Adele is pregnant. I knew she had had some boy troubles – based on the sadness of her lyrics – but she’s apparently found the love of her life (though as an entertainer, we all know it isn’t likely to last, even if her boyfriend isn’t famous). At 24, she’s a little young to have a child, but then again, she has plenty of cash.

Anyway, my opinion on the health care bill is that those who are most outspoken about it are that way for political reasons. And people who are really into politics – either side of the aisle – are not much different than those who are really into sports, music or movies. It’s a form of entertainment for them – listening to talk shows, arguing about it with friends and co-workers who agree or disagree with them, commenting on websites.

The fact is that most of the people who are passionate about the health care bill — for or against — aren’t likely to be affected by it anymore than myself — which is, as far as I know, very little.

It is for this fact that the idea that those who aren’t “into” politics somehow means they are poor citizens is simply ridiculous.

I don’t doubt the health care bill is important. I’m sure there’s good in it. I’m sure there’s bad in it. But for myself, until it hits my wallet or affects the quality of my health care, feigning interest in it has been difficult.

You can pretend you feel differently, but I’m betting that deep down, most don’t.

You can also pretend you don’t care about the Holmes/Cruise divorce story, but you know you do.


Joel Myhre is The Journal’s Publisher. E-mail him at


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