Seth Johnson/Daily Journal: Marjorie and Robert Eastwood have lived on the same farm since they were married 70 years ago Sunday.

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Couple has been married for 70 years [UPDATED]

Published 11:04am Monday, August 27, 2012 Updated 11:04am Monday, August 27, 2012

Seventy years ago, nobody had ever heard of Elvis or The Beatles, computers were considered science fiction, a one-year subscription to The Daily Journal was about $2.50 and Robert and Marjorie Eastwood were getting married.

Sunday marked the couple’s 70-year wedding anniversary, and they said their secret is simple.

“You need to understand each other and trust the Lord,” Marjorie said.

The couple has lived on the same farm near Underwood since they were married in 1942. They purchased the land for $50 per acre.

Robert has farmed all his life, and even though he is now in his 90s, he continues to farm with his son, Gregory, and grandsons, Garrett and Jason.

“I like to farm because I don’t know how to do anything else,” Robert said. “I enjoy watching the crops grow from the time the seeds are planted all the way through harvest.”

Robert still drives the combine and hauls grain into town.

“I plan to keep farming as long as I can,” he said.

Through their years of farming life, the couple has seen great years and awful years, but they made it through because they didn’t have any other choice, Marjorie said.

“Whatever we got, we lived on,” she said. “We’ve had dry years and hail, but we always ended up getting by.”

Robert and Marjorie like to stick around the area, and in more than 90 years, neither has traveled more than 250 miles from Underwood.

“People ask if we go south in the winter time,” Robert said. “I say, ‘Yeah, we go as far south as Dalton.’”

Marjorie likes to read, crochet and collect various things. She has more than 100 salt and pepper shakers, and her countertops and shelves are packed with miniature churches and Christmas houses.

Robert and Marjorie are also putting together quite a collection of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The have one son, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Both Robert and Marjorie’s parents stayed together their whole lives, and they said that helped set a good example.

“Back in our day there wasn’t so much of that divorce business,” Marjorie said. “We loved each other and made things work.”

Both Marjorie and Robert said they feel the same way about each other as they did 70 years ago.

“We agree on most things,” Marjorie said. “We don’t have fights or anything like that. We just love each other.”

  • fargorunner

    These two people have done things the right way. They got up, went to work and didn’t ask for anything for free when they could earn it.

    Thanks for being a good example to others, and doing it in a humble way.

    Every young person should spend some time in the presence of two great people like this and carry their lesson into their life.

    Life will not be easy, but meeting the hard things head-on builds character.

    Robert and Marjorie Eastwood have character!

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