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NYM man responsible for drunk driving crash sentenced to prison

Published 11:01am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New York Mills man responsible for the July 2011 drunk driving crash that killed Ty Bell, 18, of Motley, was sentenced to at least two years and eight months in prison Tuesday.

Daniel Edmund Resch, 22, was convicted on one count of criminal vehicular homicide. In addition to his prison term, he was fined $2,500.

According to court records, emergency responders were paged to the intersection of County Highway 8 and 575th Avenue shortly after 2:15 a.m. on July 17, 2011. When they arrived, they found Resch and a 15-year-old female (with blood on her face) at different locations near the accident site.

When deputies approached the accident site, they found a 2006 black Chevrolet Cobalt on its side in a ditch, leaning up against two trees. Inside, they found New York Mills High School graduate Bell, who had suffered head trauma and was declared dead at the scene.

It appeared that the Cobalt had careened off County Highway 8 on a curve. Deputies found skid marks for about 100 yards before the accident site on the road, and the car diagnostic system listed the vehicle as going 114 miles per hour just seconds prior to the crash. The posted speed limit on the road is 55 mph.

Through witness and other reports, deputies learned that Resch, Bell and the female had been driving around the county’s east side after leaving a party to go pick up a friend in Bluffton or Deer Creek. They had asked their designated driver to come with them, and she said she would as soon as she said goodbye to some people. They became impatient and left without her despite her protests (she even called Bell around 1:55 a.m., about 20 minutes prior to the accident, and asked them to return).

All three of the car’s occupants had been drinking. Resch’s blood test came back with a .14 blood alcohol content measurement. A female who had a phone conversation with Bell shortly before the crash reported that Bell had said they were traveling around 110 mph and listening to loud music.

After the crash, Resch and the 15-year-old were hospitalized (she suffered a traumatic brain injury and several other maladies). Resch reportedly gave several different versions of what happened to law enforcement, including saying that he had no memory of the crash and claiming that Bell had been driving. However, other reports (and a DNA test of the blood on the driver’s side airbag) indicated that he was in fact the driver.

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