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Sweet season [UPDATED]

Published 11:09am Thursday, August 9, 2012 Updated 11:10am Thursday, August 9, 2012

As the weather quickly turns from the dog days of summer to the cool days of fall harvest, time is near. Some crops this summer have done well with the seasonably warm temperature and lack of rain and others have not. Corn crops have seemed to fare better this year then in the past.

“The corn has been really good this year,” said Galen Johnson with the Country Stop.

Johnson said most of the fresh sweet corn they sell comes from local farmers who irrigate their fields, which has helped combat the lack of rain. “Some areas around Fergus Falls are producing large and very sweet corn,” he said. “Others that have not irrigated their crops or haven’t received as much rain aren’t producing as healthy corn.”

“It’s been some rough growing conditions this year but they all have been large cobs and very sweet,” said Katie Strom with Herzog’s Country Fresh.

There are various places around Fergus Falls to sink your teeth into fresh local picked sweet corn. Country Stop located in the parking lot of Century 21 on W. Lincoln Ave. Or at the two locations of Herzog’s Country Fresh stands, in the parking lot of BJ’s East and in the parking lot near Kmart. Other locals have been selling sweet corn on West Lincoln and near Walmart.

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