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LeGrand, teachers make a difference [UPDATED]

Published 9:36am Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Updated 11:39am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If teachers and coaches ever questioned whether they are making an impression on students, they need to look no further than the discussions around Fergus Falls following the death of Odis “Oats” LeGrand.

While LeGrand’s many years as a radio announcer also will be remembered, the fact is, many Fergus Falls residents, all of whom are in their fifties and older, recall vivid details about his physical education classes.

The fact is, teachers, who are with our children throughout the day for their formative years, are a huge influence on the lives of our children throughout adulthood.

LeGrand certainly influenced many during his time in Fergus Falls, and he will always be remembered.

But the fact that the memories many have of LeGrand were related to his years as a teacher should give comfort to those in the teaching profession that, yes, they are making a difference.

  • OLY

    Yes the teachers and all figures in the schools can make an impression on students It was not only through a little ” board room persuasion ” but in just talking and identifing the students. I can remember lots of teachers , principals and even janitors who had effects on my life and still do today. They all need to be given credit and respect which I feel students these days don’t care they only want to get their school day done with.

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