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Mendoza convicted in baby’s 2011 death [UPDATED]

Published 11:06am Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Updated 11:30am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Pelican Rapids man who reportedly killed a baby or let it die under his care was convicted of second degree manslaughter Tuesday.

Pedro Larios Mendoza, 31, pled guilty to the charge to avoid more serious convictions for second degree murder and first degree manslaughter. He must pay more than $8,000 in restitution and was sentenced to at least three years and two months in prison, though he’s already spent close to a year in jail. Once his prison sentence is complete, Mendoza, an illegal immigrant, will be deported to Guatemala.

According to court records, Mendoza was home alone with the 5-month-old son of his girlfriend on Nov. 18, 2011. At some point that night, he walked to the West Central Turkey plant, where his girlfriend worked, and told her that the baby had fallen off the bed and was not breathing.

The child was found unresponsive and died the next day. Records state that inconsistent information from Mendoza and autopsy reports suggest that Mendoza may have shaken the baby and intentionally fractured his skull.

According to a report from someone inside the courtroom, Mendoza reportedly claimed during the sentencing that he was pleading guilty to get the court case over with, not because he killed the baby.

  • JoeyShabado

    Of course he pled guilty! Now he gets to spend two more years here, getting three square meals a day and a bed, on my dime!

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  • doctipster

    My problem with this Joe is not the fact that I have to pay for him for a couple of years. There is two sides to every coin, How about a kid who makes some bad choices and steals some cars and gets 5 years, how about the man who punches someone in a bar one time and the guy dies, and he gets 8 years, or the 15 year old that sits in the back seat of a car getting a ride home from school when his friends older brother decides to shoot someone and he gets 25 years as an acomplice.

    My problem is this man killed a child, a defenseless child, and only got a couple of years to think about it, this mother has to go through pain and agony for the rest of her life, knowing she let a man into her life, and he took her child away. and because he is illegal, he only gets a couple of years,

    In todays society it seems like we want to get rid of our problems from other countries so we throw deals at them, we let them out early. I just want to know if the defendent had been a caucasion male, or black male, would he have gotten as light a sentence, I think not, but because this mans immigration status, he gets a slap on the hand.

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