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Amendment most restrictive one

Published 9:30am Friday, September 28, 2012 Updated 11:31am Friday, September 28, 2012

November, Minnesotans will be voting on a proposed ammendment to our state’s constitution which would require photo ID in order to vote. If it passes, it would be the most restrictive one in the U.S. The passage of this ammendment would create barriers to voting or even prevent many Minnesotans from voting altogether. People who have recently moved, students, people with disabilities, seniors, active duty service members, and many others would be impacted.

It is estimated that almost one in five senior citizens in our state would have their constitutional right to vote taken away by this ammendment. Our current system of voting is fair and accurate- this ammendment would be expensive and unnecessary. Our constitution is in place to protect our rights- Why should we pass this or any ammendment that takes away the rights of law abiding Minnesotans?

Voting is not a privilege, it is a right. Our elected officials should be fighting to ensure every Minnesotan’s right to vote, not trying to take that right away.


Stephanie Williams


  • camobabe

    Stephanie Williams, or whoever you really are.

    Please advise your fellow letter writers in Democrat HQ in the Twin Cities that your recitation of untrue accusations have been heard and countered by people who are truly aware of the actual contents of the Defense of Voting amendment. We know, from having examinesd the proposed amendment that it is essentially the same amendment passed by voters in Indiana, then challenged by the radical Democrat machine in courts, and ultimately upheld in the U.S. Supreme Court as constitutional and a valid exercise by state government to protect the integrity and honesty of elections. Your Democrat machine has attempted to overturn this measure in other state’s courts also, but in each case the courts have upheld the right of the people to protect their voting processes.

    But, there is little doubt that Democrats will continue to attempt to take away fair elections from the people, so I expect that we will be seeing more of this kind of propaganda coming from your letter writing factories.

  • benny

    people who are pushing for this voter ID law would have you believe that the polls are over run with “illegal aliens” perverting the results. this is not a real problem in the slightest. in fact this is nothing more than complete idiocy.

    the problem in america is NOT that elections are stolen because of non-citizens voting, the problem is that too few american citizens get out and vote. slightly better than 50% in the last election – that’s pretty bad.

    voter ID laws are nothing more than racism in disguise. anyone who tells you different is lying or doesn’t know what they’re talking about — probably both.

    if someone wants to contribute to the political process, this brain dead initiative is the absolute last thing they should be doing. want to help? volunteer to register people to vote and GET THEM TO THE POLLS.

  • Walt Henry

    I would hope that anyone who has not yet decided how to vote on this amendment would take the time to go to the local community college, sit in the commons area and asked students if they have the necessary photo ID with a current address. Go visit the Broen or Pioneer homes and ask residents if they have a current photo ID. Call a few of the newlyweds whose announcements you have read in the Journal recently and ask if their name and address changes have been completed so they will be eligible to vote. Maybe these aren’t real problems, but remember what happened the last time in this country when we had taxation without representation.

  • Richard Olson

    The amendments pushed by conservatives leave little doubt what the United States would look like if they had their way.

    We would all have to profess our belief in talking snakes, superstition and magic. We would all have to be Christians or suffer torture until we converted. There would be no gay people (all having been cured by water boarding) . Women would be paid about 15 cents an hour and their health care would be determined by the Pope and his three closest Cardinals. Voting on any issue, especially women’s issues would be reserved for white males, who are millionaires and never served in our armed services. Sunday, would be a day reserved for church and praising God by giving him 10% (2% for millionaires) of our gross pay. Sunday evening would be free time during which people (free from sin) could cast stones on others caught sinning during the previous week. Children under the age of 12 would be required to read the history of the Spanish Inquisition in preparation for confirmation classes. Those 12 – 17 would attend the free National Rifle Association firearms training program in the Church basement, where they could use targets made to represent gays, union supporters and other deviants, like scientists and public school teachers.

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