Fergus graffiti ‘artists’ charged with vandalism

Published 10:50am Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The men Fergus Falls police believe are responsible for much of the graffiti painted around town this spring and throughout 2011 made their first appearance in Otter Tail County court Monday.

Samuel Harrison Busko, 21, and Zachary Joseph Karels, 23, both of Fergus Falls, were both charged in August with first degree criminal damage to property. They allegedly spray painted a number of buildings and objects around Fergus Falls, often using the words “CREATE” and “CRE” (by Busko) and “VERB” and “TZC” (by Karels).

According to court records, the two were found out on April 17, when police responded to a graffiti report at Broken Down Dam. Upon arriving, officers allegedly found Karels and Busko at the site, with Karels in the process of painting words on the dam. The men’s phones and a camera of Karels’ also allegedly contained photos of the graffiti.

Busko allegedly admitted to several incidents of vandalism, and other similar cases were reported all over town. Court records implicate the men in spray painting graffiti at locations including downtown rooftops, the River Walk, the old mill, the Otter Tail Valley Railroad and more.

When police announced the men’s names earlier this year, they said the two had caused thousands of dollars in damage and had been vandalizing surfaces around town for about a year and a half.

  • P. Carlson

    They should get communiy service that includes removing all grafitti around town for 5 years. They will think long and hard before doing more damage.

  • JaneGeisinger

    I know one of these kids. He’s basically kind, reliable, responsible and artistic. Unfortunately, he needs to consider the consequences of his “art medium.” I agree, he should clean it up. And perhaps we, as a community, could find a space for graffiti artists to create their work — with the requirements that it be family-friendly and no offensive.

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