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Obama is fooling everyone [UPDATED]

Published 9:54am Monday, September 24, 2012 Updated 11:55am Monday, September 24, 2012

Please allow me to give you an alternate view to Mr. Weber’s letter to the editor on Sept. 13, with his take on the Republican vote on “The Bring Jobs Home Act.”

The Democrats, as usual, pushed a largely symbolic vote staying stride on stride with Obama’s campaign theme. A Democrat “yes” vote and Republican “no’ vote would give credence to talk of Romney, Bain Capital, and job outsourcing. The bill lacked seriousness. Incidentally, the current tax law has no provisions that give companies a deduction for outsourcing jobs. Another bill pushed called for candidates to reveal any overseas investments and to release a decades worth of tax returns.

The Democratic-controlled Senate has also tried to push other Obama reelection ploys: the Buffet Rule, pay-equity bills, and student loan interest freeze. In those instances and more, Obama has utilized the Senate in an attempt to appeal to different voting blocs. His recent anti-deportation executive order follows suit.

Republicans were considering supporting “The Bring Jobs Home Act” until the Senate Majority Leader said he wouldn’t include any Republican amendments. The Republicans wanted a vote to repeal Obamacare.

Obamacare, the single most expensive entitlement in our countries history is accompanied by many

tax increases, and rules most do not understand, It was made into law without any input from Republicans allowed to hit the Senate or House floor or without one Republican vote. Republicans represent about 50% of our countries voters.

The arrogance of the Democrats has deep-sixed another bill that may or not be needed. My advice to Democrats is to try again when they learn the true definition of bipartisanship.

If someone asks “what’s Obama done in the last four years?”

He and the Democratic-controlled Congress have shoved a medical care package down our throats which the majority of us do not want and our country cannot afford.

He has traveled far and wide attending fundraisers and promoting his reelection … all on your dime.

My advice to Mr. Weber: “If he fooled you once shame on him … if he fools you twice shame on you.


Gene Keller

Fergus Falls


  • Richard Olson

    The fun part of listening to republicans today is how they think no one has a memory past two weeks ago.
    The author of this letter to the editor cries that those mean nasty Democrats refused to incorporate any republican ideas into the Health Care Reform Act. Oh Boo Hoo, Gene Keller thinks we can’t remember that the personal mandate was an idea from the conservative Heritage Foundation. I guess “personal responsibilities” aren’t in vogue in tea bagger circles today.

    Mr. Keller thinks we can’t remember that the Democrats rejected a single payer plan and opted for the plan put forward by Newt Gingrich and put in place by their own candidate for President Mitt Romney.

    Mr. Keller would like us to believe that the republicans wanted to get down to the business of creating jobs, although in every other breath they scream that government can’t create jobs and I guess the way the republicans run government they can’t create jobs.

    Remembers John “jobs, jobs, jobs” Boehner? “elect us any we’ll create millions of jobs”. Well John, where are all the jobs? The republicans gained control of the house and instead of creating jobs, they couldn’t keep their snouts out of our bedrooms. They wasted day after days trying to force big government into the health care of women. When they had a chance to vote to insure that women get equal pay for equal work, they threw the women of America under the corporate bus. Even Mitt Romney does better than that, he only disavows 47% of Americans. The republicans in congress hate 51% (women).

    The biggest insult to our memory is Gene Keller pretending that we can not remember the constant republican obstruction on each and every issue put forth by the President for purely political gain. The republicans value their own jobs and political fortune over the best interest of this country and they should not be rewarded for that un-American behavior.

  • Walt Henry

    One only has to look at Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan for an insight into who is really responsible for the failure in Washington to move the economy. In 2002, with a Republican President, Ryan wrote letters to the editor and made speeches of the need for deficit spending and to pass a federal stimulus bill to motivate the economy. What was his position on the jobs bill promoted by President Obama? If you are going to blame someone for their failed policies don’t you think you should have given him the freedom to put some of those policies in place? (Oh, for the liars in our fold,24 legislative days is the number of days the Democrats had 58 Senators in their seats during Obama’s first two years.)
    Facts and math should matter!

  • Richard Olson

    And another thing….Gene Keller says, the republicans were going to support the “Bring Jobs Home Act” but Harry Reid wouldn’t let them vote on repealing Obama care. Oh, my more crocodile tears, Boo Hoo
    Here’s a fact for you Gene Keller. The republicans had already voted to repeal Obama care at least 31 times, the supreme court has ruled, it’s time to move on. Start doing the nations business instead of pouting in the corner like some five year old.

    • camobabe

      Hmm. It appears that Gene Keller has violated the first commandment of the Socialist Democratic Party – “Thou shalt not blaspheme or criticize nor expose the truth about the Supreme Leader for Life, Barack H. 0bama, the All Perfect, All Knowing, All Compassionate, All Powerful, Sent to earth to guide and lead and discipline all of Creation”.

      And His disciples Richard Ackermunk, Larry/Walt, are rushing in to heap scorn and ire and damnation upon the blasphemer of the Annointed One. Can Phaedrus whoever be far behind?

      • Richard Olson

        As usual Camilla, you bring nothing to the conversation other than name calling. But hey, I understand that’s all you have.

        Here is how you bring something to the conversation, (take note Camilla) Gene Keller says “current tax law has no provisions that give companies a deduction for outsourcing jobs” that because Gene Kelly doesn’t know that the tax rate on foreign profits of American companies are taxed at a rate of 0%, like in zero, none and/or nothing. Most thinking people think that a tax rate of 0% is a humongous incentive to outsource jobs to other countries.

        Now do you see how I have countered Gene Kelly’s false statement with a truthful one? Notice that I did it without calling him names.

        The example comment by Camilla Ryan is but one of the reasons people will reject the conservative line.
        It’s all fluff, name calling, hollow, devoid of facts, lacking truth and shallow.

        • holly

          Yes, Richardchipmunkacker, you have never stooped to personal attacks, religious bigotry or name-calling have you? Just everyday.

          • Richard Olson

            Somehow Holly, you managed to bring even less than Camilla.

  • Richard Olson

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