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Police station to hike city taxes

Published 10:57am Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Fergus Falls City Council approved a preliminary budget for 2013, and although nothing is final yet, property taxes could increase by as much as 15 percent.

Much of the property tax levy change is due to the construction of the new public safety facility. This project alone will account for 9.36 percent of the increase, said city finance director Bill Sonmor.

“That’s what we expected and what we planned for,” he said. “It came in at what we were anticipating.”

The rest of the bump will come because of an increase to city employee wages, equipment and slight increases in several other areas.

As fuel prices rise, supplies, parts and inventory prices rise as well, said Sonmor.

“Overall it’s pretty basic,” he said. “The city is an organization with employees and equipment that provide services to residents. These are the areas where the increases show up.”

So what does this mean to you?

A taxpayer with an $80,000 home will end up paying approximately $55 more this year than last year.

• $100,000 home – $69 increase

• $125,000 home – $86 increase

• $150,000 home – $103 increase

• $200,000 home – $138 increase

Since the council approved this preliminary budget, the numbers can only go down.

“We can always decrease the property tax levy, but we can’t go above these numbers,” said Sonmor.

The council will have a work session to further discuss the preliminary budget an hour before their next meeting scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sept. 17.

  • doctipster

    You know, I don’t mind paying for a new Police Station. Do I think we needed brand new and downtown. NO. Certainly not. We could have benifited from a very nice U Motors building for a much less cost. And please spare me with the we need to be centrally located bulldonkey. The cops are on patrol and rarely ever at the station anyways, they respond from whereever they happen to be at that time, therfor being centrally located isn’t an argument that is justifiable in this case. But here again I am okay with taxes increasing to our police department.

    What I am not okay with is how our city handles our money. Really, Our taxes are going up in other areas. We got what two snowfalls last year which required snowplows to go through. We should have been able to salvage almost all of that budget for this year, Oh wait, thats right, the snow plow drivers were out in the middle of the night, pushing the snow from one side of the road and pushing it to the other, and loading what snow was there, and trucking it out of town to a dump site, when they could have left it and it would have melted within a week. And does it really take three city workers to paint crosswalks on a city street. I guess 2 people must need to supervise the one kid doing all the work. I mean do we really need to waste our city dollars like this. You know I really hope we get a mayor this year that will come in and clean house, Be fiscally conservative and stop wasting money.

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