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Skogen recommended for another term [UPDATED]

Published 9:46am Thursday, September 13, 2012 Updated 11:50am Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well folks, we are now in Minnesota Senate District 8; used to be 10. We have the opportunity to re-elect Dan Skogen. He first won in 2006. Then came the tea party anger and he lost to Gretchen Hoffman in 2010. This was not good for our district nor was it good for Minnesota. It gave us gridlock and expenses to our state government we could ill afford.

His opponent is Bill Ingebritson of Alexandria who voted solidly with the tea party.

Now is an opportunity to choose a moderate Democrat that works with moderate Republicans to achieve the goal we all want: a government that works without recriminations and gridlock.

With a desire for good government, I recommend Dan Skogen to be our Senator once again.


Norma Jensen


  • BillSchulz

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as a MODERATE Democrat. They are all tax and spenders. Skogen was thrown out because he was not representing this area which sent him to St. Paul He repeatedly voted for programs which stiffed us out here, while voting to raise spending for Metro area schools and programs. It would be more honest to run him as a senator for the Twin Cities.
    He was part of the big spending libs who left behind a deficit of more than $6 Billion dollars when he was run off. Bill Ingebrigtsen and the GOP turned that $6 Billion debt into a SURPUS of almost a billion, while reforming government and managing spending. Dems will complain that they did it by shifting some payments to cities and schools into longer term payment schedules, but the Democrat legislature had been doing that for many years, and then incurring even more debt. If you want someone to spend this State into bankruptcy, vote for Skogen. But if you want someone who believes that government should play by the same rules as families have to live by, and not spend money they don’t have, then re-elect Bill Ingebrigtsen and keep Dan Skogen’s covetous hands out of your family treasury.

  • Phaedrus

    Doesn’t it strike you as ironic that the party of purity tests, RINO’s, no deviation from party dogma, etc. are also those who attempt to impose that view of things on everyone else? So, while it may be true that there is no such thing as a moderate republican (those are the RINO’s right?), that’s clearly not the case for democrats. Stereotyping might be rhetorically useful for you, but it’s clearly wrong.

    “Those delayed payments to schools helped DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders erase a $5 billion deficit and end a government shutdown last summer. They also tapped other one-time money as part of the fix. That’s why another modest surplus has not yet put state finances back on solid ground for the long term.
    Schowalter said the new forecast projects a $1.1 billion deficit by fiscal year 2014. That’s a little better than the $1.3 billion projected in the last forecast, but he said it still presents big challenges.
    “We were able to balance this year’s budget, if you’ll recall, with sizeable one-time resources from the tobacco bonds, from the school shift. Those aren’t there in 2014-15.”

    Weren’t those deficits a result of Pawlenty’s policies? I’m sure the radical fascists here will say it isn’t, and there will be a lot of hand-waving and revisionist history claimed, but the more telling comment is the one that basically says, “They did it too.” And this is from alleged “adults”?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right and the end never justifies the means.

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