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Take a look at Skogen’s record and re-elect him [UPDATED]

Published 7:54am Friday, September 14, 2012 Updated 12:00pm Friday, September 14, 2012

I am writing on behalf of Dan Skogen, who is running for State Senator in District 10 (soon to be District 8).

I’ve known Dan since his initial campaign back in 2006 and have always been impressed with his commitment, his energy, and his record.

Dan and his wife, Dee, are committed to campaigning this year by knocking on every door in this district, which includes Fergus Falls, Alexandria, Vining, Henning, Pelican Rapids, Battle Lake, Dent, Underwood, Ottertail, Clitherall, Vergas, Parkers Prairie, Nelson, Carlos, Miltona, Dalton, Urbank, Osakis, and probably a few others that I’ve neglected to mention.

If you haven’t gotten to meet Dan, it’s either because you weren’t home, or he hasn’t gotten to your neighborhood quite yet. Dan’s commitment to this kind of campaigning speaks to his desire to listen to his constituents and to act on their behalf.

Dan has always been a strong advocate for our region. During the 2009-10 session, he sat on eight committees, with three of these having to do with education, two regarding agriculture, two regarding environmental issues and one on commerce and consumer protection. He was the chair of the Environment and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands and Water for two sessions, and chair of the E-12 Education Budget and Policy Division — Arts Education his second session.

It should be noted that Dan is a strong supporter of education for all ages. He has been a proponent of increased attention to and funding for all ages, but particularly early childhood and higher education.

Dan differs from his opponent, Bill Ingebrigtsen (Alexandria), regarding education, in that Ingebrigtsen supports legislation introduced by the GOP which cuts base funding by $35-$40 million, caps funding directed to our most vulnerable children and slashed $200 million in special education funding over the biennium.

As someone who works in the schools with at risk students, I see the enormous benefits that students receive when there are programs in place that meet their needs; and the challenges for both students and staff when budget cuts have caused class sizes to rise and programs to be cut.

I would encourage you to look at Dan’s record, talk with him if he comes to your door, and vote for the man with energy and integrity on November 6 … Dan Skogen.

Beth Monke

Fergus Falls

  • camobabe

    During his previous term in the state senate, Dan Skogen repeatedly voted for huge increases in per pupil school funding IN THE FIVE METRO AREA COUNTIES, and stiffed our local schools with tiny increases. Time after time Skogen voted for tax increases

  • camobabe

    (Webmaster dumped me before I finished my comments)
    Time after time Skogen voted with his Twin Cities masters to increase taxes and spending on giveaway programs for the metro area, while disregarding his own constituents in Ottertail county.

    He was part of the DFL cabal which left behind a deficit of more than $6 Billion for the adults in the GOP to deal with. And, Bill Ingebrigsten and the other Republicans turned the $6 Billion debt of the DFL into almost a billion surplus, without raising taxes. They did it through laws to streamline and reduce govenmental expenses, by consolidating many bureaucracies which were all working on the same areas of government into smaller and more efficient agencies. Yes, they deferred repayment of some debt to cities and schools, but they were merely continuing the methods that the DFL had followed for many years. The DFL and their slavish toadies in the press make a big deal of the GOP doing those deferrals, while keeping the lid on the legislative records which show the DFL creating the tactic in the first place.

    The metro area has many representatives and senators in the legislature. They don’t need Dan Skogen to do their dirty work for them. If we truly want a senator to represent our district, re-elect Bill Ingebrigtsen.

  • Phaedrus

    “Those delayed payments to schools helped DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders erase a $5 billion deficit and end a government shutdown last summer. They also tapped other one-time money as part of the fix. That’s why another modest surplus has not yet put state finances back on solid ground for the long term.
    Schowalter said the new forecast projects a $1.1 billion deficit by fiscal year 2014. That’s a little better than the $1.3 billion projected in the last forecast, but he said it still presents big challenges.
    “We were able to balance this year’s budget, if you’ll recall, with sizeable one-time resources from the tobacco bonds, from the school shift. Those aren’t there in 2014-15.”

    I’m also always delighted to see you describe others as “slavish toadies” while you espouse the orthodox dogma of your preferred political party. It’s just too funny (since you seem to be unaware that you’re criticizing exactly what you’re doing).

    • camobabe

      Obfuscate all you want, Phaedrus. The legislative record shows Skogen’s duplicity in telling his district constituents, in published letters in local newspapers, that he was fighting for our local schools, while his committes repeatedly passed out large increases in funding to metro area schools and municipal governments, while sending peanuts, scraps to his own district. These facts were brought out in the 2012 campaign with letters to editors, and in debates with the Republican candidate who unseated him from his Senate office. Why should we believe that he will represent us and our interests and not the cash bloated metro counties and cities if we are foolish enough to return him to St. Paul?

  • Phaedrus

    Are we having definitional problems again Camo? “OBFUSCATE: transitive verb: 1a : darken b : to make obscure 2: confuse intransitive verb: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing”

    So, if we look at the comments prior, we’ll see that the issues you’re now ranting about are not the issues that you brought up. You’re original post was about how the DFL created a deficit under Pawlenty and the GOP cleaned it up. That, of course, if false, and the Jim Showalter interview (Commissioner of MMB) that I cut and paste makes it clear that the GOP didn’t “clean up” anything – they just borrowed money from the schools and the tobacco settlement.

    Now you want to talk about hear-say and gossip? It’s pretty clear who the definition of “obfuscate” would actually apply to in this case.

    Remember, false accusations are a form of libel (2a : a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression), and thus are slanderous as well, and didn’t you just write (in the job blocking letter) that, “Your slanderous comments merit being barred from this site”. I kind of wish they’d take your advice, but pointing out your errors is too much fun.

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