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The purpose of the fly

Published 10:10am Monday, September 17, 2012 Updated 12:11pm Monday, September 17, 2012

To everything under the sun there is a purpose and I ask myself what would the purpose of the fly be? Knowing God has a purpose for all creatures great and small, I am on a search today to get closer to the mind of God. I believe I got the answer to the life long pesty question.

And the answer is job security.

You see, someone has to make the chemicals to produce the ink to print the paper to swat the fly. Then someone has the job of shiping the ink to the warehouse where it is stored until the newspaper orders more ink. Then of course someone needs to work the machines at the newspaper.

And then there is all the boys and girls who deliver the paper. And let us not forget the people that work at the shoe factorys that put shoes on those kids that deliver the paper.

Now, do I really want to roll up that paper and put that fly out of my misery? Do I really want to be the cause of JOB-IN-SECURITY for so many? Another purpose for the fly is so Edith Berry can write words of nonsense. And so ends the story of the purpose of the fly.

Edith Berry

Fergus Falls

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