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Who really understands health care act [UPDATED]

Published 9:20am Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Updated 11:23am Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Many of our elected leaders seem to know so much about the Affordable Health Care Act that was passed in December 2009, and approved by the Supreme Court just recently.

The Democrats tell us how good it will be for us and that it had to be passed so that we could see what was in it, and the Republicans tell us how bad it will be for us and it should be repealed, but do these leaders really know the details, and have they even read it?

As a concerned 79-year-old citizen, I wanted to be informed but didn’t know who to believe, so I needed a copy of the complete document to read for myself.

The entire document is now downloaded on my computer for me to read.

It is 3,492 total pages and includes the following four documents: 1 (HR 3590) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, dated Dec. 24, 2009, and signed by the Secretary, with 2,407 pages. 2 (HR 3962) An Act to Provide Affordable, Quality Health Care for All Americans and Reduce the Growth in Health Care Spending, and for other Purposes, dated June 18, 2010, and signed by the Secretary, with 75 pages. 3 (HR 4872) Health Care and Educational Reconciliation Act of 2010, dated June 9, 2010, and signed by the Vice President and the President of the Senate, with 55 pages. 4

A Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act prepared by the Office of the Legislative Council (lawyers) for use by the House of Representatives, dated May 1, 2010, with 955 pages.

Page 52 of the 75 page HR 3952 document reads as follows: increased unfunded new liabilty- The term ‘increased unfunded new liabilities’ means, with respect to a year, the excess (if any) of the unfunded new liability over the amount of unfunded new liabilities determined as if the value of the plans assets determined under subsection 302(c)(2) of such act and section 412(c)(2) of such code equaled the product of the current liability of the plan for the year multiplied by the current liability percentage(as defined in section 302(d)(8)(B) of such Act and 412(1)(8)(B) of such code) of the plan for the second plan year preceding the first election year of such plan.

This is a sampling of what our leaders have to read, so do you think they are actually reading all the details?

I am wondering just who wrote this, and how much it must have cost, and who has read it and understands it. I asked the young lady in Collin Peterson’s office, who I called for the correct HR bill numbers, if she had read it, and she said she had.

Now I wonder just how many of our leaders, including the President, members of Congress, and even the candidates running for office have read and understood this bill.

Since we all should respect the members of the Supreme Court, did they read this document so that they could make the right decision?

It will take me until Nov. 2012, or right before the election, to read this material.

Should we Americans put up with this kind of legislative decision-making by the present leaders we elect and send to Washington? Every vote counts, so I am going to the polls to cast my vote in November, and I hope and pray to God that everyone is taking this election seriously and will



John Koepcke


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