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Marketing firm receives interest for Regional Treatment Center campus

Published 11:13am Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One month after the Fergus Falls City Council engaged marketing firm Colliers International to promote the redevelopment of the Regional Treatment Center, the firm gave the city a brief report with some positive news.

Most notably, three parties previously interested in the property, as well as a potential developer from West Virginia, have all expressed interest in the property. The names of the parties have not been released, but City Administrator Mark Sievert, who presented the report to the council, said that the party from West Virginia is involved with another Kirkbride facility and has utilized it for tourism and entertainment purposes.

As initial interest is being felt out, Colliers has also been engaging in the groundwork for this month, when the firm plans to greatly increase the building’s marketing visibility. A website has been set up (, and a mass email, press release, media contacts and developer network listing are all in the works.

According to a memo from Colliers representative Dan Peterson supplied to The Journal, Colliers will be searching for developers on a nationwide and international basis, utilizing social networking and traditional means of advertising and attempting to shunt all interest in the property toward the central hub of the new website.

  • lodgepole

    I’ve only lived in town for 6 years, but I love that place! If I were an eccentric millionare, I’d buy the main building and live in it! I’ve been involved in some part of construction my entire life. Sad to say, but that place should have been torn right after the State backed out. They didn’t just leave, they ran away from it as fast as they could! Do you realize how much it will cost to demolish? You just can’t take the wrecking ball and bulldozer to it like you could 20 or 30 years ago. I’m sure there is still more lead and asbestos there than the law allows. First it would have to be declared a HAZMAT area and fenced off. Then costly analysis done. You can’t just haul that mess to the dump. It will have to hauled by specially trained HAZMAT haulers to specified disposal sites to be delt with. Permits and longistics will cost millions to begin with. Years of wear and tare on the roads will cost millions. I’m sure that is not on the Mayors pet project list. It will have to be surgically dissected piece by piece. The soil is probobly saturated with fuel oil and who knows what else. Yep, it’s a quandary and I have leaves to pick up…

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