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Balderdash game revisited [UPDATED]

Published 8:59am Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Updated 1:01pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We had company over the weekend, and they, although suspicious of playing Balderdash with someone like me (Full of it. Full. Full. Full), agreed to play a short game.

Here it is. As you know, a name is drawn from a card: You must put down what you think the name is famous for. Likewise, a movie name, or the initials of an organization, and so forth.

Here we go. The correct answers will be at the end. See how well you do.

The first one is a name: Giovanni Caselli. What did he do? Here are the Balderdash contestant’s entries: Created the first pizza in Palerno, Italy, in 1878. Invented the world’s first fax machine. The premier apprentice in Michaelangello’s sculpure school. An Italian opera composer. The founder of Chef Boyar Dee. Designer and builder of the first Ferrari car.

Next, what do the initials N.A.H.P. stand for. National Association of Handicapped Persons. National Association of Harpsichord Players. National Association of Horse Professionals. National Association of Horseradish Packers.

National Association of Heritage Preservation.

Finish the following sentence: In Montana, it is illegal for a wife to: Open her own checking account. Open her purse on the street on Sunday. Open her car door. Open her husband’s mail. Purchase liquor on Sunday. Ride a horse in a dress.

Define the word “dewlap.” An African tree that bears fruit only once every decade.

The first morning exercise of a thoroughbred race horse. The extra eyelid of a reptile. The loose skin on the neck of a cow. Where a chicken’s wattle touches its throat.

Next, the movie Flaming Ears is about what? A science fiction movie that features a roller-skating pyromaniac and a woman named Nun in a plastic suit. (We were drinking. Whew.)

A movie about eavesdropping in a whore house. Jackrabbits grow to monster size in this 50’s tale of a nuclear waste spill. A “B” movie starring Raquel Welch and Ed Ames as Chief Flaming Ears. The sequel to Dumbo; it never achieved popularity. A woman’s affair with a minister upsets an entire town.

(A note here. Many of the suggested entries caused so much giggling by the person reading it that a new rule regarding extra points for ridiculousness should be adopted. If your suggestion caused the reader to lose it, two points.)

What did David Morrell do? A hockey coach, he invented roller blades. He invented the first mouse trap. He rolled a watermelon across the state of New Mexico.

He ran backwards from Los Angeles to New York City. He was a blind man who tried to rob a bank with a cane. He was the first man to lift off the ground in a hot air balloon.

Here are the correct answers. Giovanni Caselli invented the first fax machine. N.A.H.P. stands for National Association of Horseradish Packers. A wife cannot open her husband’s mail in Montana. Dewlap stands for any loose neck skin, but especially a cow’s.

Flaming Ears was a science fiction movie about a roller-skating pyromaniac and a woman named Nun. David Worrell was a blind man who tried to rob a bank with his cane.

Oh, and incidentally? It is illegal in Orlando, Florida, to tie an elephant to a parking meter unless it has been paid for.

Or anywhere else, probably.

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